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Microsoft Power BI

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Leverage Data Visualization with Microsoft Power BI Microsoft Power BI transforms data into insights and action, allowing you to make smarter business decisions.

Digitally Transform Your Business with Powerful Analytics and User-Friendly Data Visualization

Knowing how to understand and properly use the data your business produces is critical for company growth and longevity, especially for companies striving toward digital transformation.

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics platform that allows you to unify your company’s data. You can use its intuitive interface to visually explore and analyze data from any source and then transform those data insights into easy-to-comprehend interactive reports.

Armanino knows the difficulties that organizations face when trying to leverage data and achieve companywide digital transformation. That’s why our Microsoft-certified experts can provision your Power BI cloud environment and guide you through your data modeling and dashboard design.

We have gained experience with our many successful implementations leveraging Power BI alongside CRM and ERP systems. Our CRM and ERP implementation methods reduce common cost and resource risks, while our expertise in Power BI integration allows you to extract data insights quickly and effectively.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation and Power BI demo. Together, we’ll assess your business goals and discuss how to break down data silos and unlock operational insights.

Case Study - Malarkey Roofing


In less than 30 days, Malarkey Roofing added business intelligence to their ERP and gained insights they can use to guide their business.


Unified Data in Real Time

Visual Answers to Difficult Questions

Power BI does more than gather data. It’s the backbone for digital transformation — allowing you to unify data insights from your business applications. Leveraging this cohesion, your teams can create visuals to enable instant decision-making for your entire organization.

Drag-and-Drop Visualizations

The Power BI Desktop platform offers intuitive report-authoring tools, helping you quickly uncover patterns as you explore linked visualizations on a rich, interactive dashboard.

Data Shaping and Modeling

Power BI’s easy-to-use desktop tools help you quickly analyze your critical data and transform it into compelling insights.

Visual Answers to Your Questions

By integrating Power BI into your ERP or CRM system, you can find near-instant answers to questions like, “What were last year’s sales by product?” Best of all, you get the answer in a user-friendly visual form, with data-rich charts and tables.

Why Armanino

When you partner with Armanino, our specialists can bring deep analytic capabilities to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 installation using Power BI and data warehouse strategies.

As a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM partner, we’ll apply our deep product knowledge and decades of experience to your business, equipping you with immediate and long-term value.

Within days of beginning our engagement, you’ll be able to combine and analyze data from disparate sources and create and share interactive visuals that can drive your business success.

Request a demo today to see how enhanced decision-making can improve operational efficiency throughout your entire organization.

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