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Microsoft SharePoint Services for Essential Data Management

Microsoft SharePoint empowers companies with document management controls and self-service collaboration tools. Whether looking to integrate with your current solutions or utilizing SharePoint as a stand-alone solution, Armanino is the partner to get your organization on point with Microsoft SharePoint services for document and data management.

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Microsoft SharePoint Services for Document Management and Collaboration

One of the most common problems every business must address, regardless of size, is how to store and access digital documents and data. Armanino and Microsoft SharePoint can empower your team with document management controls and collaboration tools that enable members of your organization to share information without the fear of losing, misfiling, or overwriting documents.

Whether you’re considering SharePoint as a standalone solution or need assistance determining how to integrate it with your current systems or a Dynamics ERP or CRM solution, Armanino can help. Give us a call and let us know about your company and goals.

Microsoft SharePoint Services:

  • Centralized Document Management
  • Intuitive Document Searches
  • Document Change Management
  • Internal Security & Audit Controls
  • External Security for Vendors and Customer Collaboration
  • Internal Collaboration Document Collaboration
  • Workflow & Business Processes Automation for Approvals
  • Custom Extensibility and Integration



SharePoint Composites
Composites offers components for creating do-it-yourself business sites, solutions, and workflows. Business needs can be addressed rapidly with easily built “code-free” solutions.

SharePoint Sites
SharePoint Sites allows documents to be shared between coworkers and colleagues, the management of projects with partners and the publishing of information to your customers.

SharePoint Search
The inductive built-in search provides a unique combination of relevance, refinement, metadata, and social cues to help people find the information and contacts they need to get their jobs done quickly.

SharePoint Content
Content management is both easy and reliable. People work in Microsoft Office, utilizing features like retention policies, auto content sorting, and document types. Efficiency is key and compliance measures are set up and managed under the hood.

SharePoint Insights
Insights give everyone access to the information in databases, reports, and business applications, helping companies make excellent decisions and locate the critical information they need, when they need it.

SharePoint Communities
SharePoint Communities deliver collaboration tools on a single platform, enabling people to share ideas easily and way they want.

SharePoint Extendibility
SharePoint works seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office Communications Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Dynamics solutions such as GP and CRM. Plus, SharePoint adheres to open standards, allowing companies to integrate third-party applications and systems.

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Improve your Document Management System with SharePoint

  trends and insights

Improve your Document Management System with SharePoint

  trends and insights
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One of the most common problems every business must address, regardless of size, is how to store and access digital documents & ...



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