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Armanino can help you optimize the warehouse operations within your organization to enable highly efficient and scalable processes for your supply chain execution. 

With Dynamics AX, you can achieve real-time visibility into your warehouse operations through on-line inquiries from your mobile devices, streamlined workflows for all your inventory movements, including inventory receipts, transfers, counts, picks, puts, packs, and ships.

Advanced workflows can drive even greater scale and efficiency through guided work – directed putaway based on real-time status of bin/location utilization, directed counts, wave picks, zone picks, kanbans, staging, cross docking, pallet building and tracking, and replenishments from bulk to picking locations to optimize the balance of inventory throughout the warehouse.

Through labor management dashboards, warehouse and operations managers gain clear insight into the performance and productivity of employees – giving you in-depth information to plan and staff your workforce according to the needs of your business.

The right combination of technology and process design can drive your inventory to upwards of 100% accuracy and empower your workforce to be truly efficient through huge time savings.