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Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP for Semiconductor/Fabless Semiconductor

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics AX) will help you move your fabless semiconductor business forward by giving you and your people improved control over processes. This software solution provides complete out-of-the-box business management functionality, including financial management, human resource management, operations management and more. 

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Why Us

For fabless semiconductor companies, the only constant is change—and constant change requires total visibility into every aspect of the business. Armanino’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of semiconductor manufacturers for controlling and optimizing business, sales, design-win and production processes across global supply chains.

Let us show you how we’ve enabled top semiconductor and fabless semiconductor manufacturers to realize ROI faster by implementing a Dynamics 365 solution that supports:

  • Forecast accuracy and timeliness
  • Design win tracking and support
  • Supply chain, market and internal visibility
  • Distributor credits, allowances, and pricing agreements (DPAs)
  • POS (point of sale) data reconciliation
  • Revenue recognition
  • Inventory valuation and management
  • Enhanced quality management and resolution
  • Warranty management and return material authorizations (RMA)
  • Business intelligence dashboards

Armanino is a Gold-Certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Partner with a reputation for developing innovative solutions for technology manufacturers. Let us bring industry knowledge, Microsoft Dynamics expertise and business strategy to your next project.

    Streamline Your Supply Chain with Subcontractor Integration
    The tracking of inventory and production operations at subcontractors is limited to the quality, frequency and granularity of the information their subcontractors provide. Manual tracking of this information is time-consuming, unscalable and prone to human error―leading to information delays and poor reaction times. Armanino’s High-Tech Industries for Dynamics 365 simplifies and automates this transfer of data through the simplicity of a drag-and-drop process.
    Boost Your Forecast Accuracy and Timeliness
    Armanino’s High-Tech Industries for Dynamics 365  provides collaborative forecasting to align demand over the lifecycle of the product and resolve complexities around balancing long lead time items with rapid order fulfillment.
    Manage Distributor Relationships
    Armanino’s High-Tech Industries for Dynamics 365 manages the relationship between fabless semiconductor and semiconductor manufacturers and their distributors. It facilitates the data flow to address challenges around sales forecasting, opportunity tracking, distributor pricing agreements (DPAs), point of sale (POS) data reconciliation, revenue recognition, distributor credits and allowances, and inventory valuation and management.
    Improved Supply Chain Visibility and Insight
    Insight into the demand signals of your customers, transparency of product and manufacturing data, and visibility outside your internal operations are critical for fast and accurate decisions. Armanino’s High-Tech Industries for Dynamics 365 is the facilitator to building a truly collaborative environment by integrating your partners to improve communications and automate the data flow between organizations.
    Built-in Fabless Semiconductor Industry Support
    With Armanino’s  High-Tech Industries for Dynamics 365, support for the unique operations of semiconductor companies has been designed natively within the solution. It supports a reverse bill of materials (BOM) production environment where yield-based planning and cycle times determine the number of wafer lot starts required. Once a wafer lot is started, it can be split up and recombined at any point in the production process, supporting scrapping, binning and grading, retaining the yield, lot lineage and costing data throughout the entire operation.
    Experience Low TCO and Achieve a Quick Payback
    Because Armanino’s semiconductor ERP solution is built on proven Microsoft products and technologies, businesses can take advantage of existing IT investments, such as Microsoft   Office applications and the Microsoft Windows Server . Instant integration translates into a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), helping companies realize a faster return on investment (ROI).

    Supply Chain

    As a fabless semiconductor manufacturer, many of your critical supply chain operations happen outside your four walls. So it becomes crucial to effectively communicate with partners to direct supply chain operations and receive timely updates from them to maintain full supply chain visibility in order to operate efficiently. So how can the supply chain operations and planning groups get real-time visibility into their outsourced operations? The obvious answer here is that you need to establish a means of electronic integration with your supply chain partners.

    Integration is easier said than done. The reality is, with the broad set of systems in use on both the fabless OEM side and the manufacturing services side, the attempts to establish and enforce an industry standard of communication have been challenging, to say the least.

    From our 20 years of experience implementing ERP for fabless companies, Armanino understands the real-world fragmentation of integration capabilities amongst supply chain partners. In fact, many contract manufacturers find it easiest to provide an XLS, CSV or flat file with the transactions. Watch this short YouTube video to learn “Best Practices for Managing a Fabless Semiconductor Supply Chain.”

    Supply Chain Integration And Real-time WIP Visibility

    Armanino’s supply chain integration tool allows supply chain partners to connect to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (formerly Dynamics AX) and send electronic updates, regardless of the systems they use. This eliminates the need for manual monitoring and PO line-item updates and allows companies to visit not only transactions, but activities, in real time. Instead of waiting for manual updates, companies can:

    • See the status of items
    • Move them through WIP
    • Split lots / request lot changes
    • Find out if an expected outdate moves up or down
    • See when products have left one supplier and arrived at another
    • Receive updates from third party logistics providers (3PLs) on shipments between contractors and expected delivery times

    Armanino's supply chain integration tool can be rolled out and maintained by in-house power users, completely eliminating the need for advanced technical resources and making integration a cost effective option.

    MES Integration
    While many software providers and partners tout an all-encompassing solution, the truth of the matter is that ERP should integrate to outside systems and create a single hub of information. Due to the complexity of semiconductor fabrication, it's common for companies that are doing in-house manufacturing to be utilizing a robust MES. In these instances, integrating MES and ERP systems becomes critical to managing the supply chain. As an industry partner, Armanino has helped numerous semiconductor manufacturers integrate MES systems - such as Camstar, Agile, HighJump and more - with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. 

    Revenue Recognition

    Armanino’s Revenue Management Module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes the guesswork and headaches out of financial reporting for fabless semiconductor companies. Watch this 4-minute YouTube video to understand the streamlined process of utilizing ERP data in your daily revenue recognition activities.  To learn more, visit our Revenue Management Solution page.


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    When your organization faces technical problems, our team of Microsoft Dynamics Certified consultants is here to help.

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