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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Achieve digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Transforming Your Business With Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

With Microsoft Dynamics BC, small to medium sized businesses can now streamline the management of their financials, operations, sales, supply chains and reporting into a unified solution. They are ushering your business into a more competitive digital age with smarter and faster decision-making capabilities.

Armanino, a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics partner, can help you implement Dynamics BC and give you a single business solution that is accessible from any device at any time. This cloud-based solution keeps you on the leading edge of technology with instant updates and complete integration into your existing Microsoft solutions, including the entire Office Suite. Meaning you can manage quote to cash all within Outlook if needed.

Dynamics BC offers full support with the Common Data Service and works with PowerApps, Power Automate and PowerBI, but is priced for small and medium-sized businesses.

Leverage a Comprehensive Business Solution to Increase Business Growth

Armanino’s extensive experience helping businesses implement and manage ERP solutions positions us to assist you in getting the full power of Dynamics BC, as well as helping you connect your third-party applications such as payroll, banking, CRM or other industry-specific systems.

Any accounting software can handle transactions, but Armanino can help you take your ERP to the next level with the strategic expertise needed to maximize your return on investment.

End-to-End Business View

Our knowledgeable team can help decide how best to use Dynamics BC’s centralized data to get the most accurate view of your business. Real-time data assists you in deciphering trends and preventing possible challenges.

With localization in 33 countries and 18 languages, you can create tax and compliance reports in all the supported countries without needing to worry about overlooking foreign regulations.

From financial, sales and service management to supply chain, operations and project management functionality, Dynamics BC is the core platform to enable your business to scale for the future.

Total Sales, Project and Service Support

Through customizable dashboards, you can better track sales and multi-dimensional reports. Our technology experts can help you build and navigate Dynamics BC’s drop-down menus to guide you to more efficiently managed projects from beginning to end with overviews on workloads and service tasks. So, you can better serve your own needs, as well as those of your customers. If that is not enough, Dynamics BC offers industry- and business-specific extensions to further personalize your Dynamics workflow.

Optimized Operational and Data Management

Built-in intelligence provides updated inventory levels and timely sales forecasts, as well as providing recommendations on when to pay vendors to utilize discounts or avoid penalties, with the added ability to manage budgets and monitor progress in real time.

Whether you need a full-fledged migration or a “basics only” implementation to get up and running fast, you have access to Armanino’s full suite of technology, finance, accounting, compliance and strategy experts to help with change management, coaching, functional support and managed services and assist you in building the future for your organization.

Why Armanino

When you partner with Armanino, you gain a team with a holistic understanding of all aspects of the Microsoft Dynamics platform and additional cloud systems to help you maximize the benefits from your Dynamics BC implementation and management.

As a top Gold Certified Inner Circle Microsoft Dynamics partner, Armanino has decades of experience across key verticals and offers extensive resources to ensure the success of our BC customers, including expert consultations, ongoing support and continuing education.

We have completed hundreds of successful implementations, integrations and upgrades within the Microsoft Dynamics suite of solutions. Regardless of your company’s specialty, we can handle all your ERP and business ecosystem needs.

Download the Microsoft Partner Checklist to help you make the right choice for your organization.

Request a demo today to see how a Dynamics BC system could add greater visibility, streamlined processes and profitability to your business.

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