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Certent Equity Management

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Resource-Saving Equity Management Solutions for Forward-Thinking Businesses with Certent

Certent equity management software provides a leading multi-faceted stock option solution utilized by public and private companies for equity accounting, administration, and reporting. Implementing Certent with Armanino saves resources and establishes a highly scalable equity management solution to accommodate your needs.

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Free White Paper - Private Company Equity Plan BlueprintArmanino’s Equity Management Solutions practice provides clients with the peace of mind that their stock options are properly accounted for and administered.  By utilizing the Certent Equity Management software platform, Armanino decreases the number of hours your team devotes to spreadsheet tracking and accounting of stock options, thus, greatly reducing the number of errors from manual re-entry with Excel. Armanino supports your organization to ensure your equity compensation plans are audit-ready for the IPO process and to continue supporting you as a public company without having to change solutions.

Armanino is a leading Certent Equity Management partner with clients across the nation. Our team has extensive Certent implementation and administration experience for clients in the SaaS (software as a service), high tech manufacturing, biotechnology/pharmaceuticals and professional services industries.

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