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Finance Solutions From the Finance Experts.

Trusted by over 170,000 finance professionals and 1,800 companies worldwide, BlackLine offers a SaaS-based solution that works alongside your accounting system(s) to automate manual tasks and eliminate labor-intensive processes.

Why Us

Armanino is a trusted BlackLine Partner and one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage Intacct and Adaptive Insights Partners in the nation.

We specialize in providing strategic advice, assessments, implementation and integrations to rapidly growing mid-sized businesses and global enterprises. The planning and product advice we give is drawn from our hands-on experience implementing, operating, outsourcing and auditing the same solutions we recommend.

Let us simplify your close and save you time with your reconciliations through leveraging modern finance tools.



  • ERP
  • General Ledger
  • Sub-Ledger
  • AP
  • AR
  • Invoicing
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Transaction Matching
  • Task Management
  • Journal Entries
  • Consolidation
  • Disclosure
  • Planning
  • Reporting
BlackLine Bronze Partner


BlackLine is a cloud-based solution that works alongside your existing accounting system(s) to accelerate the financial close by standardizing and automating accounting processes, while ensuring auditability and accuracy. As a BlackLine Partner, we work alongside you to evaluate systems and processes, then provide guidance on how Blackline can streamline your close processes.

Additionally, BlackLine enables companies to move beyond traditional period-end accounting and the legacy record-to-report process with Continuous Accounting. With this approach, end-of-the-period tasks are executed as early as possible, embedding them within workflows and day-to-day activities, and shaving days off the close process.

Account Reconciliations
Automate the account reconciliation process on one unified platform, resulting in complete visibility, improved accuracy and increased efficiency. Using configurable reconciliation templates, companies are able to standardize the reconciliation process across all business units, improving the quality of reconciliations and easing both reviews and audits.

Product Features
  • Rules-based auto reconciliation, which typically system-certifies 40-65% of your accounts each month
  • A role-based workflow approval process with built-in segregation of duties
  • Configurable, real-time dashboards and more than 80 standard reports
  • Automatic importation of data from any enterprise resource management (ERP) or subledger system
  • Full multi-currency and multi-language support
  • Industry-leading security, availability and accessibility

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Task Management

Manage your close process from end to end and track progress with Task Management from BlackLine.

  • Checklists – Help you manage month-end tasks such as recurring journal entries, compliance controls, operational checklists and auditor PBC lists from a central platform, on a consistent basis.
  • Control the close – Access to real-time dashboards and reports provides unmatched transparency and business intelligence.
  • Compliance – With Blackline, companies can structure and schedule the close process to align with company practices and policies, ensuring audits run smoothly.

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Transaction Matching

Automatically reconcile hundreds of millions of transactions each month by automating these tedious manual tasks and quickly identifying exceptions with Blackline’s Transaction Matching product.

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BlackLine’s Journals can pull data from multiple ERPs and provide accountants an easy way to create, validate, support and approve manual journal entries before posting from one central web-based platform.

  • Track and review every single journal entry.
  • Attach supporting documentation and automatically retrieve document IDs for every entry.
  • Breeze through audits with a full audit trail on each journal entry and dedicated internal/external auditor roles. 

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Variance Analysis

Using BlackLine’s intelligent variance analysis, you can streamline efforts to track and analyze account variation and budgets/forecasts against actuals for both P&L and balance sheet accounts.

  • Early warning flags on accounts that vary outside an expected range, so you’re never caught off guard
  • Automation that can be set to identify fluctuations across target entities, account groups, types or ranges
  • Workflows that route explanations to management and roll results up to real-time dashboards for review
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Consolidation Integrity Manager

With BlackLine’s Consolidation Integrity Manager, you can automate the tedious system-to-system, Excel-driven reconciliation process of comparing multiple ledgers to a consolidation system, and replace it with an efficient, seamless workflow.

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BlackLine Intercompany Hub

Running legacy ERP systems or multiple ERP systems? Standardize on BlackLine Intercompany Hub for posting all intercompany transactions.

Intercompany transactions from various clearance general ledger accounts can be brought into BlackLine Intercompany Hub and reconciled using various matching rules. The solution matches intercompany accounts to identify net balances and helps you identify and create needed adjustments arising from the discrepancy-causing issues listed above. Net balances owed to/from various legal entities can be reviewed, approved and posted back to the entity general ledger accounts.

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BlackLine Credit Card Reconciliation

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BlackLine SaaS Solution

Armanino can help you simplify your close process and save you time with reconciliations by leveraging BlackLine, a modern finance software tool.

BlackLine Task Management

Companies of all sizes manage their close from end-to-end with BlackLine’s Task Management product.

BlackLine Intercompany Hub

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BlackLine Account Reconciliations

Configurable reconciliation templates help companies standardise the reconciliation process across all business units, improving the quality of reconciliations and easing both reviews and audits.

BlackLine Consolidation Integrity Manager

Automate the tedious system-to-system, excel-driven reconciliation process of comparing multiple ledgers to a consolidation system and replace it with an efficient, seamless workflow.

BlackLine Transaction Matching

BlackLine clients automatically reconcile hundreds of millions of transactions each month with the Transaction Matching product.

BlackLine Variance Analysis

BlackLine’s automated flux analysis streamlines efforts to track and analyse account variation and budgets/forecasts against actuals for both P&L and balance sheet accounts.

BlackLine Journals

Create, validate, support, and approve all of your manual journal entries before posting from one central, web-based platform.