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Workday Adaptive Planning Financial, Planning & Analysis Software Services

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All-in-One Financial Planning and Analysis From Your Workday Adaptive Planning Partner

A Roadmap for FP&A Transformation
FP&A transformation is crucial for seeing your business’s real-time performance and making timely strategic decisions. Our white paper shows how you can set a path to success.


Workday Adaptive Planning Business Planning Cloud

Workday Adaptive Planning Business Planning Cloud brings a fresh way for your organization to acquire keen business insights, collaborate and nimbly adjust to the ever-changing business environment. Built so teams in a wide range of functions can plan alongside finance, it supports an extensive group of cloud-based solutions:

Workday Adaptive Planning for Finance

Accessible from anywhere, Workday Adaptive Planning for Finance has everything you require in a finance software solution, including continuous financial planning, reporting and analysis. This is the only corporate performance management (CPM) software that’s simple, fast and powerful.

Workday Adaptive Planning for Sales

This purpose-built tool helps you easily optimize your sales resources while improving your sales performance and predictability. The solution automatically integrates with your corporate finance plans, enabling your sales operations and management teams to glean insight into how their actions affect other parts of the business, while also giving your finance team a simple way to organize planning across the company. You can create more accurate forecasts, so your whole organization can make smarter, faster decisions.

Workday Adaptive Planning for Workforce Planning

Now, more than ever, you need to adapt to market shifts in real time. To do that requires planning for an agile workforce. Workday Adaptive Planning for Workforce Planning lets you plan any scenario, model the right workforce, standardize plans across your business and collaborate to ensure that they are always synchronized with your corporate plan.


Software & SaaS Companies

Software & SaaS Companies

Workday Adaptive Planning provides Software & SaaS finance leaders with the ability to plan, monitor, and analyze subscription bookings and revenue. SaaS companies survive by being agile and able to respond to the dynamic nature of the technology market. This solution provides specific metrics for budgeting, forecasting and reports to improve sales, customer retention and reduce costs. Armanino, anWorkday Adaptive Planning Premier Accreditation Partner, provides expert guidance, project management and resources to deliver financial transformation.


Higher Education

Higher Education

Workday Adaptive Planning provides Higher Education finance leaders with an enterprise performance management system to meet your ever-changing challenges. College and universities must be strategic with their planning process to stay ahead of the challenges with new federal accountability mandates, rising tuition costs and declining enrollments. Armanino, an Workday Adaptive Planning Premier Accreditation Partner, provides expert guidance, project management and implementation resources to deliver true finance transformation for all higher education organizations.




Workday Adaptive Planning provides Nonprofit finance leaders with the ability to meet their needs and help them fulfill their missions in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. Nonprofit organizations have specific operational needs that require specialized service. Armanino, an Workday Adaptive Planning Premier Accreditation Partner, provides expert guidance, project management and implementation resources that can help nonprofit organizations effectively align demand for their services with funding, while achieving clear visibility into their expenses.


Professional Services Firms

Professional Services Firms

Workday Adaptive Planning provides Professional Services finance leaders with the flexibility to plan and forecast revenues using business drivers like billing rate, number of resources, and project duration. Armanino, an Workday Adaptive Planning Premier Accreditation Partner, provides expert guidance, project management and implementation resources that can help move your firm’s planning process to the cloud and accelerate the finance cycle time.


Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Workday Adaptive Planning provides Life Sciences finance leaders with the ability to achieve a better budget process. Life Sciences companies must contend to complex processes and supply chains, extensive regulatory requirements and a competitive global marketplace. Planning and analysis in life sciences, especially for manufacturers, requires a flexible budgeting, forecasting and reporting solution. Armanino, an Workday Adaptive Planning Premier Accreditation Partner, provides expert guidance, project management and implementation resources that can help address budgeting and forecasting challenges.




Workday Adaptive Planning Integration

Workday Adaptive Planning Integration Packs gives you total confidence because the budget and forecasting data always reconciles and balances to your ERP solution. Migrate actuals, transactions and budgets between your ERP software and Workday Adaptive Planning for a seamless budgeting process. Our industry expertise and experienced team of finance professionals allows us to create unique proprietary and industry-specific integration ecosystems.

Featured Integration Packs:


Looking for a quick implementation process? A typical budgeting and forecasting implementation can take between 2-3 months, but our  Workday Adaptive Planning QuickStart Solution can make your team successful in as little as 3 weeks! Offerings are recommended for client teams with under 250 employees who have prior experience with financial software implementations.

Workday Adaptive Planning Partner

If you’re considering implementing Workday Adaptive Planning for your financial planning and analysis needs, you should know that picking the right implementation partner is the most important choice you’ll make. As your implementation partner, Armanino provides you with the confidence that comes from having experienced consultants help you streamline finance so you can spend more time strategically supporting business objectives. Our certified Workday Adaptive Planning development and implementation team includes experienced CPAs and former CFOs with extensive finance backgrounds. As the winner of various Workday Adaptive Planning top partner awards, including previous Partner of the Year and Partner of the Region: Americas awards, we understand the pain points the CFO organization faces every day, including financial planning, financial analysis, data consolidation, analytics, reporting, internal controls, data security and more.

Workday Adaptive Planning Channel Partner Preferred Accredited


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