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Return Material Authorization for Dynamics 365

Armanino’s Return Material Authorization (RMA) solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM provides a comprehensive process that supports RMA tracking, automation and reporting.

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The RMA is linked to a Case and an Account and requires a Contact to be identified. Additional fields allow Customer Service Representatives (CSR) to enter in a return address that differs from the Contact’s regular shipping address. If a CSR indicates “Ship to Facility,” this information is included in instructions sent to the customer. Additionally, the RMA Solution supports child records termed “RMA Item.” These items enable several items or components to be processed within the same RMA.


Solution Benefits: Solution Features:
  • Track products authorized for return, replacement, or repair
  • Follow material movements and loaner products
  • Ensure appropriate return location for the product
  • Create and manage RMAs to resolution
  • Control and house quality control dates, technician information, and labor hours
  • Monitor products at multiple repair facilities
  • Notifications for RMA’s created and received
  • Timeout system for RMAs not yet received
  • Status update notifications on RMA progress
  • Streamlined, user-friendly format 


Return Material Authorization for Dynamics 365 Simplified

The RMA Form is the top-level form integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and prior versions of Dynamics CRM Cases.  From any Case, an RMA can be created, tracked and managed to resolution. Diagnostics and repair of each item is managed at the “RMA Item” level. Each “RMA Item” can accommodate issue tracking, root cause, quality control dates and assigned QC technician, repair dates and assigned repairperson, and the logging of labor hours and work done.

The efficient, simplified form provides CSR’s with a straightforward interface that makes finding pertinent information easier. Unnecessary options are hidden, but dropdown boxes can be selected when needed to reveal the hidden data. If the “Loaner” checkbox is ticked, a hidden “Advanced Replacement” section is exposed to help manage Loaners and Advanced Replacements. Additionally, multiple “repair facilities” may be configured when selected on the RMA form so that the facilities’ addresses can be used in the automatic confirmation correspondence with the customer.


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Return Material Authorization (RMA) for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Overview of Armanino’s Return Material Authorization (RMA) for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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