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Dynamics GP SmartList & SmartList Designer Training

Dynamics GP SmartList & SmartList Designer Training

SmartList is a built-in Microsoft Dynamics GP ad hoc reporting tool that helps you leverage your data quickly and efficiently. It is fully customizable and allows you to create queries from your datasets to give you the information you want whenever you need it.
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SmartList is a powerful reporting tool but is often underused. This program will explore how you can more effectively use this tool and extend the functionality to fit your specific needs and get the data you want instantly.

Solution Benefits: Solution Features:
  • Mine your data to get exactly what you want when you want it
  • Quickly access related data screens to improve work efficiencies
  • Increase your return on your ERP system
  • Easily use your ERP data with other applications to reduce data translation errors and increase efficiency
  • Share modifications with others so they don’t have to be recreated
  • Discover how to directly access your data
  • Extend standard SmartLists by creating your own to uncover specific data for your organization
  • Learn how to use SmartList as a high-powered navigation tool
  • Learn how to use SmartList with Excel and Word
  • Save personalizations for you or other co-workers to use as needed

SmartList & SmartList Designer Training for Dynamics GP Simplified

Armanino’s SmartList training program will show you how to use and extend the Dynamics GP tool to become more effective in collecting, organizing and presenting data to improve work efficiencies and your business decisions. You will walk away with the ability to mine needed data, access that data quickly and automatically import your ERP data from other applications to reduce manual translation errors, increase efficiency and increase your ROI on your ERP system. You will also learn how to customize SmartList to your needs, use it as a navigation tool and use it alongside Excel and Word.



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