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Dynamic Insights for Dynamics 365

Leverage the power of reporting and analytics to create a comprehensive roadmap for your company’s growth through earnings forecasts, customized reporting and in-depth performance metrics.

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Armanino built Dynamic InsightsSM to address the needs of manufacturing and service companies and help Dynamics 365, AX and GP users in all industries enhance their ERP systems. Using data from your existing system, Dynamic Insights creates easy-to-use dashboards that give your team a deeper understanding of the company and help you quickly identify issues and recognize opportunities. It gives investors and management teams clear visibility into profitability and day-to-day operations.


Solution Benefits: Solution Features:
  • Cut the time spent on budgeting by up to 90%
  • Increase ROI with dashboards that streamline operations and locate market opportunities
  • Provide robust financial reporting that offers an audit trail for regulatory compliance
  • See product- or department-specific reports or run ad-hoc and “what-if” scenarios
  • Eliminate the need for IT assistance with easy-to-use dashboards and reports
  • Allow key decision makers access to reports and insights across multiple departments 
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Dynamics 365, AX and GP
  • Template dashboards – executive, sales and finance
  • Installation for 5 users
  • Advanced logical data mart
  • Financial reports formatted in Word, PowerPoint, PDF & HTML
  • Consultants help businesses achieve sustainable improvement


Dynamic Insights for Dynamics 365 Simplified

Designed for executive, sales and finance teams, our out-of-the-box dashboards provide a deep, agile view of key performance indicators with no custom development required. By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX or GP systems, the solution provides your business with enhanced data that generates and distributes reports deploys strategic approaches that anticipate change and accelerate growth, and automates budgeting and forecast earnings.

Dynamic Insights makes it easy for organizations to improve operational efficiency, strengthen company-wide collaboration, and maintain security and confidentiality of data. By leveraging an in-memory analytics enterprise platform, it allows you to drill across any data view within its business intelligence dashboards. You will have total confidence in Dynamic Insights data because it always reconciles and balances to your Dynamics 365, AX or GP system.

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Rimini Street Dynamic Insights Cover

Rimini Street Saves Time and Achieves Industry Leading Renewal Rates with Dynamic Insights

What can true analytics and reporting do for you? Read our case study and learn how Rimini Street is using Dynamic InsightsSM to shorten its monthly close process and achieve weekly forecasting, giving management a constant, “real-time” view into the status of their business.

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Dynamic Insights Solution Brief Cover

Dynamic Insights Solution Brief

Unlock the power of the data in your Dynamics AX or GP system by putting Armanino’s new product, Dynamic InsightsSM, in the hands of your business leaders.

Armanino introduces Dynamic InsightsSM, a true reporting and analytics system designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics customers, to enable forward-thinking strategy, collaboration and better decision-making.

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Case Study - Malarkey Roofing Gains Visibility into Key Performance Metrics with Power BI

Malarkey Roofing Gains Visibility into Key Performance Metrics with Power BI

With the implementation of their new BI capabilities, Malarkey is now taking advantage of the ultimate value of their new ERP system and the data it collects.
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