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Anomaly Detection and Fraud Analytics

Anomaly Detection and Fraud Analytics

Be prepared to detect fraud sooner and minimize financial loss.
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The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) estimates that businesses lose 5% of revenue to fraud every year. Yet most organizations do not invest in fraud detection until they suspect there is a problem.

Armanino’s Anomaly Detection platform and services enable you to proactively manage risk and detect fraud before it has a harmful impact. This SaaS solution developed by our Forensic Accounting team and AI Lab makes it easy to ingest and analyze large volumes of complex financial data and quickly surface anomalies. Harness decades of experience in forensics analysis with fraud analytics tailored to the highest risk areas of your business.

Solution Benefits: Solution Features:
  • Reduce losses from fraud
  • Get key data insights (trends, etc.)
  • Pinpoint highest risk transactions
  • Verify identity of vendors & third parties
  • Find conflicts of interest & segregation of duties violations
  • Intuitive dashboards with powerful visuals & drill-downs
  • High-level analysis for aggregate spend exploration
  • Industry-leading vendor compliance & identity verification
  • Flags duplicate records, invoices & payments
  • Risk-based scoring model
  • Flexible integration options

Anomaly Detection and Fraud Analytics Simplified

The Anomaly Detection platform combines proven fraud analytics with third-party identity verification to provide a unique lens to spot anomalies. The full suite of analytics culminates in a risk-based scoring model to pinpoint the highest risk transactions and areas of your business and provide real-time, actionable insights.

Deploy your Anomaly Detection solution now and be prepared to fight the fraudsters of today and tomorrow

Anomaly Detection Platform & Services

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