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IPO Tax Consulting

Our Approach

Many CFOs put tax planning on the bottom of their priority list during the IPO process—right behind revenue, raising capital and compiling a compelling story for investors. However, we know from our more than 20 years of IPO tax consulting experience that CFOs need to bring IPO tax issues to the forefront to set themselves, and their company, up to succeed once public.

David Sordello, Partner-In-Charge of Armanino’s Corporate Tax practice, has this advice for finance executives planning to go public over the next 18 to 24 months:

"The tax rules that public companies need to comply with, especially in areas like Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach, Austin or other tech-heavy regions, are extensive. However, most CFOs place tax last on their list of priorities, which means I’ve seen a lot of companies that aren’t ready on the tax side when they go public. Strategic CFOs will make tax a higher priority, understand IPO-related tax issues and figure out how to address them early in the IPO execution process."

Whether you want to outsource your IPO tax process, or you simply want IPO tax consulting expertise to supplement your internal team, Armanino has the capabilities to meet your needs.


Tax Provision
Tax data productivity and availability become vital once a company is public—especially for growing technology companies—because many firms maintain net operating losses (NOLs) while private. This means that at least 6 months prior to going public, your company should reach out to an IPO tax expert like Armanino to manually reconcile your financial statements with the relevant provision, or if appropriate, automate your provision process using our proprietary automated solution. 

Expansion and Tax Structuring: It’s important for pre-IPO companies to account for possible future expansion and tax structuring when putting together their S-1 documentation, as well as during pitches to investors. Our IPO tax consulting team will also ensure your company reviews key tax opportunities related to geographic expansion including:

  • National and international tax equalization processes
  • Mobile workforce considerations for employee salary and stock option tax withholdings
  • Intellectual property (IP) structuring and transfer pricing when trying to reduce the company’s effective global tax rate and increase earnings per share
  • Sales and use tax issues relating to small-to-medium businesses that have been brought to light due to unrecorded liabilities

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Tax Consulting
Complying with Sections 404 and 302 of SOX is no easy task. Our SOX specialists can demystify the requirements and help implement the right corporate governance framework to ensure tax compliance.

Tax Automation Tools
We offer a highly evolved automation approach to calculating your provision, as well as sales and use tax―one that lets us focus on helping you achieve the highest stock price for your investors. Our software solutions help maintain an efficient process for creating tax footnotes and for the required SEC audit documentation.



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