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Cybersecurity & Privacy Services

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Our Approach

Today, all companies―regardless of size or industry―face a very real risk of cyberattack. This threat will only continue to grow with the expansion of the cloud, the internet of things and mobile devices. Today’s executives need to think seriously about cybersecurity and what they are doing to protect themselves, their organizations and their customers.

Having helped hundreds of clients tackle their cyber and privacy challenges, Armanino’s range of cost-effective solutions help business leaders combat ever-expanding threats, stay compliant with new regulations and successfully guard their organization’s assets. Our cybersecurity and privacy experts can help you assess and mitigate your risks, and develop and manage an effective security and compliance plan.

Cybersecurity Services

Armanino’s team of cybersecurity professionals can help you protect your organization.


Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Our holistic cybersecurity assessments help you map your current security posture, define your security goals, and identify and manage your risks. Our role as cybersecurity consultants isn’t just to check boxes on a one-time list. Instead, we provide you with the tools for continuous improvement so you can protect your organization today and in the future.

Using a proven methodology, our cybersecurity risk assessment team helps you identify technical, organizational and administrative control deficiencies and strengthen your security processes. Depending on your needs, some areas we may review include:

  • Network securityWhere are the physical and technical risks in your network, and what are the most efficient ways to mitigate them?
  • Operational security – Do you have clear, documented policies and procedures around the use of your technology and data?
  • Incident management – Do you have an effective incident management program? Are you prepared to respond to a data breach?
  • Privacy and data protection – Where is your most sensitive data, and how can you best allocate resources to safeguard it?
  • Employee education – Do you have regular cybersecurity awareness training and accurate metrics to measure its success? How do you ensure your employees are aware of their responsibilities?
  • Device Monitoring – Do you know all of the devices on your network? Do you monitor these devices? Would you know if you had been hacked?
Cyber Program Development & Management
Customers, boards, vendors and other stakeholders want to know that the organizations they work with are protecting sensitive information. A weak security infrastructure can have legal and regulatory repercussions, as well as damage your reputation and bottom line. Our team can help you define, implement and manage an effective cybersecurity program, customized to your needs. Our services include: 
  • Cybersecurity goals – Our experts help you define and prioritize your organizational and program-level security goals, as well as create a detailed game plan for remediating deficiencies.
  • Risk management frameworkWe work with you to create a cybersecurity risk assessment methodology, define management/stakeholder roles, and develop security policies, procedures and supporting documentation, as well as technical controls and internal testing procedures.
  • Implementation – Our experienced team will help you implement your security program efficiently and cost-effectively, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day business.
  • Project / program management – We can provide ongoing support for your day-to-day needs and help you monitor and continually improve your cybersecurity program.
Cybersecurity Policy, Documentation and Education

A strong security policy is the basis of an effective cybersecurity program. Armanino uses a comprehensive methodology to deliver customized documentation solutions that support your environment.

Our cybersecurity policy and documentation experts examine your business and compliance requirements to identify the policies and frameworks that are needed. We match this against your current policies, then provide a gap report and detailed remediation recommendations. We work with you to augment your existing policies or develop new documentation, and we help you create practical standards for policy maintenance, review and dissemination.

We can also work with you to provide cybersecurity awareness training to your employees including conducting fake phishing email campaigns to determine how prepared your employees are to protect your intellectual assets from phishing attacks.

Threat Protection
We help identify security weaknesses and unauthorized access risks. We enable your organization to create a plan for addressing these weaknesses and educating your personnel on best practices to prevent insiders from exploiting intellectual property or client data. We also partner with cybersecurity technology providers to perform device monitoring, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.

Privacy Services

Armanino’s team of privacy compliance professionals can help you protect your organization in these uncertain times. 


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is a law intended to strengthen electronic privacy for all individuals in the EU, while creating uniform regulations for member countries.

GDPR requires businesses that control data to “take into account the nature, scope, context and purpose of processing as well as the risks of varying likelihood for the rights of natural persons and implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure and be able to demonstrate compliance.”

Armanino’s GDPR services include:

  • GDPR readiness assessment – We identify and classify personal data, conducting enterprise-wide data mapping to meet the critical requirements. This enables your organization to manage your GDPR program as an enterprise-wide process improvement initiative.
  • GDPR process and policy development and implementationOr experts help your organization establish your governance program. This includes establishing the data protection officer (DPO) role; managing consent, policies and procedures documentation; implementing internal controls mapped to articles compliance; and review, testing and independent audit of the controls. Finally, we help you define the breach notification process to supervisory authorities and data subjects.
  • GDPR training – We create and manage awareness programs through company-wide initiatives.
  • SOC2 with a mapping to GDPR requirements – A SOC 2 report is a tool you can share with customers concerned about your organization’s compliance with GDPR. It provides assurance that your organization is compliant and maintains a sufficient set of functioning security controls to meet GDPR requirements.
Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

PIPEDA, or the PIPED Act, is a Canadian law relating to data privacy. It governs how private sector organizations collect, use and disclose personal information during commercial business. Armanino can help your company meet these international data privacy requirements.

New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS)
NYDFS cybersecurity regulations require covered entities such as banks, insurance companies and other financial services firms to submit their certification of compliance.  Armanino is well versed in the requirements of this regulation and can provide your organization with the documentation to continue your operations in New York.


Cybersecurity Assessment for Law Firms

Armanino's Cybersecurity Assessment Services for Law Firms help you combat the growing threat of cyberattack and safeguard your reputation, digital assets and customer data.

Cybersecurity Assessment for Nonprofits

Armanino's Cybersecurity Assessment Services for Nonprofits help you combat the growing threat of cyberattack and safeguard your reputation, digital assets and customer data.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Armanino's Cybersecurity Assessment Services help you combat the growing threat of cyberattack and safeguard your reputation, digital assets and customer data.