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Outsourcing your accounting, finance and HR functions can help take your company to its next stage. But to do so effectively requires a ready-made solution that incorporates all three and is built by experts who understand your needs.

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Your Challenges
Transform Your Back Office Into a Value Driver
An effectively run back office is key to growing your business. But you can’t truly give it the attention it deserves because revenue, product development and fundraising are and should be your top priorities. Outsourcing is one remedy, but juggling multiple vendors adds to your challenges. With the right help from a single outsourcing partner, your back office can be instrumental in driving long-term success.
Back Office Bundled Human Capital Challenges
Human Capital Challenges
Coact with experts who offer a diversity of experience and deeper insights
Back Office Bundled Lack of visibility
Lack of Visibility
Better understand the health of your business with cohesive reporting
Back Office Bundled Process Challenges
Process Challenges
Improve procedures to reduce risk and save time and money
Back Office Bundled Distracts from Growing your Business
Distracts From Growing Your Business
Streamline communication between teams to increase productivity
Back Office Bundled Lack of coherent tech stack
Lack of Coherent Tech Stack
Integrate your solutions to drive deeper insights, output and scalability

The Solution

Not Just Simpler, Better

Managing multiple service providers for your accounting, finance and HR needs is overly complex and inefficient. Unify these functions through one outsourcing partner, so you can run your business with greater consistency and get your entire back office working in harmony. We implement a robust technology stack powered by a proprietary dashboard that allows you to leverage your business data to make better decisions, faster.
Back Office Bundled Dashboard

Your Benefits

One Point of Accountability

Your back office-departments should be greater than the sum of their parts. Using Back Office, Bundled facilitates this through unified leadership, communication across all back-office functions, and a partner who doesn’t just transact but learns about your organization and aligns behind your goals.

(1-10 employees)

(11-20 employees)

(21-50 employees)

Basic Plus Basic Plus Basic Plus
One Time Setup















Payroll & Processing Description


A/P, AR & Rev Rec

Month-end Close & Recons

Annual Filings (1099s, Biz License, Local Taxes)

Cash Management

Higher Transaction Volumes


Benefits Administration

HR Advisory

Risk & Compliance Support


Policy Development

State Leave Management


Monthly Forecast Updates

KPI Dashboard

Cash Flow Forecast (13 + 3)

Full 5-Year Business Model

Fundraising Support

Experienced CFO & Team

Industries Served
Our industry experts are dedicated, committed and strive for the success of our clients.
John Kogan
John is a director in the Business Outsourcing Services practice and leads the Strategic Finance Outsourcing services.

San Jose, CA
Shannon Oswald - Director, Consulting | Armanino
Shannon has more than 25 years of experience in human resources and works with a wide range of clients.

El Segundo, CA
Andrea Mannering - Manager, Consulting, San Ramon CA | Armanino
Senior Manager
Andrea is a senior manager in the Outsourcing Services practice and manages the Strategic Finance Outsourcing practice.

San Ramon, CA
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