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A key part of the digital transformation journey is ensuring you are using the right technology platforms and systems that can truly support your operating model.
Modernize Technology Platforms
Speed Things Up with Innovative Solutions
Combining Strengths
Speed Things Up With Innovative Solutions
The right tools should integrate fully across your company, allowing each business unit to function in harmony rather than dissonance. Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions such as machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA) and virtual assistants learn and improve from experience and can be used to automate what were formerly laborious internal functions spanning multiple technologies.

Integration Is Key

Connect the Silos

Making an investment in an evaluation and modernization of your current technology and applications is a valuable way to prepare for future success and avoid costly mistakes later on. It’s not a simple process, but it’s a road we’ve walked many times. Looking at your current stack, you may discover that you have technology you don’t actually need or that you are not leveraging your current solutions to their full ability. This can lead to silos and inefficiencies in your business. Our team can help you select or integrate the right technology architecture with confidence.
Geoffrey Wayong - Director, Consulting - San Ramon CA
The go-to-leader heading product and innovation. Geoffrey and his team offer cutting-edge solutions to client problems

San Ramon, CA
Mike Bergines - Consulting | Armanino
Mike brings deep experience in ecommerce, payments, lending, fintech, SaaS and blockchain to his clients.

San Jose, CA
Ryan Prindiville - Director, Consulting - San Ramon CA | Armanino
Ryan leads Armanino’s Consulting practice, helping to solve clients’ broad, increasingly digital business challenges.

San Ramon, CA
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