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Wind-down Specialists to Close Down Your Company


Armanino has completed numerous wind downs of financially distressed technology companies since 1987. Our typical wind down client is contemplating or already in the process of executing a Plan of Liquidation and needs assistance completing the necessary steps for a thorough and orderly business termination.


Ensure compliance and minimize liability

Management teams and boards prefer to leave the details of a wind down to a professional team such as Armanino to ensure compliance and to minimize their liability. Based on many years of experience, Armanino has assembled an experienced team and developed a custom wind down checklist which allows us to efficiently execute and complete a Plan of Liquidation.

We lead the wind down process

Armanino provides the operating manpower to ensure the client is properly managed through the entire process. We will champion the wind down process including facilities shutdown; employee terminations; necessary state, local, and federal filings; vendor notifications; records retention; managing a potential asset sale; and making distributions, if any, to the creditors and shareholders. We work side-by-side with and complement company and/or insolvency counsel.

The Armanino difference—total commitment to each wind down

Because our clients rarely include senior staff with wind down expertise, it is prudent for distressed technology companies to retain Armanino. We have the necessary experience and are uniquely qualified to advise on a wind down plan, and to lead any wind down through to its full conclusion, which because of creditor issues, earn out requirements, or tax matters can often take one or two years.

During that time we become the contact of record for any constituent who needs help and assistance, so the board and management team can rest assured the wind down will be complete and thorough.