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Turnaround Services for Technology Companies


Armanino has completed numerous turnarounds, restarts, and recapitalizations of financially distressed technology companies since 1987.

Our restructuring experts provide guidance on turnaround options, and strategic assistance in crafting a successful turnaround plan. Typical tasks then include rebuilding your capital structure, closing a new financing round, managing cash flow, and negotiating and settling unwieldy liabilities. Armanino provides the operating horsepower to ensure technology companies have proper crisis management support during this time.


Strategic Analysis

Armanino plays a significant role in the analysis stage of the turnaround, and takes into account different stakeholder interests: creditors, equity holders, board of directors, management and employees, as well as customers and suppliers.

The analysis will test the Company’s assumptions regarding the technology/product development status and timing, market share and competitive landscape, management and workforce productivity, as well as other factors.

Turnaround Game Plan

Armanino can help assess available options, select the strategy for turnaround, identify potential assets that can be sold, and negotiate with creditors and investors. We are often retained as a Chief Restructuring Officer or a part-time or full-time Chief Financial Officer to serve as a turnaround advisor and guide the client through the entire restructuring process.

Turnaround Implementation

Armanino has the experience and qualifications to carry out a turnaround strategy from beginning to end.

We perform financial analysis for a recap and help raise capital, turn over sales and finance functions, as well as provide specific transaction support in asset sales or liquidations.

Crisis Management

We are equipped with CFOs, Controllers, and VPs of Finance to provide crisis management support in turnaround and restart situations.

Armanino's consultants each have 20+ years of finance and accounting experience across every major tech sector, including significant restructuring and turnaround work in Silicon Valley.