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Why Should You Rent a Part-time CFO?


Learn what a CFO can do for your business. Give one a test drive by renting an A-list veteran CFO on a part-time basis.


Get an A-list CFO from us

Don't settle for second-best. With a part-time CFO from Armanino, you get A-list expertise. Our CFOs are veterans with experience in all tech sectors and at every stage of growth.

Pay only for what you use

Many startups use a part-time CFO for as little as one day per month, and scale his or her involvement as needed over time. Pay by the hour, and get the benefits of senior CFO expertise without the full-time headcount. And our CFO will stay and scale with you until you're ready to hire a full-time employee.

Renting a CFO is a proven strategy

Every early stage company does better with an experienced part-time CFO. We've proven it since 1987 by supporting more than 2,000 companies, and we are the experts at providing tech companies with a CFO for rent. Raising money, managing cash, dealing with the board...there are at least 10 good reasons for a part-time CFO.

Starting is fast and easy

You can meet, on-board, and receive value from a senior-level CFO in just days. Don't waste your time searching for a qualified candidate. Our CFOs have proven track records and can begin contributing right away.

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