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Interim CFO for Silicon Valley Technology Companies


Armanino is Silicon Valley's oldest and largest provider of interim and part-time Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) for venture capital-backed technology companies. The firm's Accounting and Finance Group provides temporary CFOs who work as senior members of each client's management team.

We have served Silicon Valley technology and VC-backed companies for more than 25 years at every stage and across every major sector. If you need an experienced interim CFO, Armanino is the preferred solution whether it's for 5 days a week or 5 hours a month.


Interim CFOs with experience at every technology stage

For emerging technology growth companies, our CFOs provide accounting and financial guidance and essential infrastructure designed to manage resources, preserve cash, and accommodate growth. And for later stage private companies, our CFOs have the necessary finance and operating experience to deal with the challenges that come with more mature ventures, including restructurings, reorganizations, and restarts. Additionally, most of our CFOs have public company backgrounds and all are fluent with the CFO's fiduciary role within a venture capital backed technology company.

Temporary CFOs for every finance and accounting task

Our CFOs create and present custom financial reporting packages for management, boards of directors, and venture capital investors. They can also drive day-to-day functions such as accounting, planning, purchasing, human resources, and facilities management so the CEO and core team can focus on technology and business development. They frequently manage special projects such as negotiating bank or venture debt, audit coordination, IRC 409a valuations, FAS 123R/ASC 718 implementation, revenue recognition, public filings, tax issues, due diligence, and the selection and implementation of management information systems.

Outsourced CFOs from every major technology sector

Armanino's CFOs comfortably serve every key technology sector including enterprise software, clean tech, IT, telecommunications, Web 2.0, life sciences, and semiconductors. Our CFOs have extensive exposure to multiple verticals and appreciate the accounting and finance particulars of each sector. Critical to their success is their routine tracking of FASB, GAAP, IRS, and other regulatory guidance that affects each sector.

What can a CFO do for your firm?

Raising money, managing cash, dealing with the board...there are at least 10 good reasons for a part-time CFO.

CFOs for Venture Capital and Private Equity firms

Armanino's team of CFOs also includes professionals with experience managing accounting and finance operations for venture capital and private equity firms themselves, in addition to their portfolio companies. These services include the complex accounting and reporting associated with fund accounting. If you are a VC or PE firm who needs an outsourced solution for your back office, please contact us.