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Armanino is your full HR services provider.

Startups, nonprofits and other lean organizations benefit from outsourcing the required tasks of human resources management and payroll while avoiding recruiting, onboarding and processing payroll for their own team members. By outsourcing HR to Armanino you can have your leadership focus on meeting the ever-changing demands of the marketplace and scaling for growth.

HR Services

Armanino’s HR outsourcing service team provides multi-state payroll processing, including shareholder wage and premium payments, employee classification compliance and assistance with payroll tax filings. Our experienced HR professionals provide salary grid maintenance, ensuring your compensation strategies are always up to date. We complete and submit workers’ compensation audits, and provide time and paid time off (PTO) tracking to relieve your organization of that heavy data entry process.

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Armanino provides multi-state payroll processing, including shareholder wage and premium payments, employee classification compliance and assistance with payroll tax filings. Our experienced HR professionals provide salary grid maintenance, ensuring your compensation strategies are always up to date. We complete and submit workers’ compensation audits, and provide time and paid time off (PTO) tracking to relieve your organization of that heavy data entry process.


From end to end, Armanino can implement and administer all employee benefits for your organization. Our experts coordinate with brokers, provide guidance on benefits carrier selection, manage your FSA/HSA and retirement plans, audit your insurance provider invoices and provide ERISA documentation. We offer your employees open enrollment and renewal education, maintain ongoing enrollments and terminations, and manage retirement plan contributions.


Armanino keeps your organization up to date on the latest developments in employment law and regulations that impact you and your employees. Our experts take the mystery out of compliance and support you with state employer setup, Department of Labor (DOL) compliance, and communication with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state unemployment and taxation agencies. We can develop and update HR policies documentation and employee handbooks, offer guidance on applying HR best practices, and assist with employee relations and policy administration.


Our experienced HR experts are by your side to handle every aspect of employee relations, from hiring and onboarding to disciplinary actions and separation agreements. We screen candidates, conduct background checks and create offer letters with incentive agreements. We manage all employee documentation electronically, write employee handbooks and policy documents, and create classification, retention and procedure guidance, whether your organization is new, restructuring, or you just don’t have the time or resources to do the work in-house. We also provide support when circumstances require involuntary or voluntary termination guidance.


If your human resources needs go beyond recurring services and require more specialized attention, Armanino's HR consultants can provide white glove service and support for your organization, whether you are preparing to hire employee number one or number 200. We can advise and provide support on immigration issues, manage non-standard background checks and facilitate complicated payroll tax filings. Our experts can develop commission incentive plans and a compensation matrix, institute performance management and improvement plans (including counseling or progressive discipline), facilitate the selection and implementation of benefit and retirement plans, and maintain ACA and ERISA compliance.


When you need to hire the best, turn to Armanino. Our team of well-connected and selective finance executive recruiters find highly qualified candidates to fill CFO, VP, controller, director and management-level finance and accounting roles for a broad range of industries. Build your team and optimize your company's performance by connecting with the right people to take you forward.

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Hiring and Firing ChecklistArmanino's Human Resources services offer you the insight, reliability and timeliness that is difficult to maintain with an internal team.

We also provide you peace of mind from knowing that our team is cross-trained and always available, eliminating a potential single point of failure from your organization.

Our services are well-rounded to match your needs.

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