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Cloud Strategy

Why Us?

Your company is in the Cloud.  Now what?

Every organization has unique business requirements, so there is no one size fits all approach to the cloud. Best-of-breed Cloud solutions allow you to tailor your solutions to meet your specific business needs.  Your line of business leaders have probably already purchased and implemented solutions designed to meet their specific needs.  Armanino’s Cloud Strategy team can help you realize total cost of ownership (TCO) savings by:

  • Identifying vendors that are suited to your industry and business process
  • Prioritizing projects and implementations to align with your goals and pain-points
  • Scheduling incremental implementations allow for continuous feedback and less business disruption

Regardless of your path to the Cloud, there are key considerations every company needs to address, which are shown below. Now is the time to create a sustainable road map of Cloud solutions and harness the efficiencies that can be achieved. Armanino is the experienced partner you need to make good on the promise of the Cloud.

Implementing Best Practice Business Processes

Moving to the Cloud means more than automation – it offers you the chance to rethink business processes to ensure adherence to best practices, compliance, and scalability.  Deploy a comprehensive business process roadmap before implementing new Cloud software to ensure systems and processes are aligned.

Business Process Alignment

In the pre-Cloud, on-premise software world, the IT department was the gatekeeper of the technology roadmap.  Financial systems and needs were often at the mercy of IT infrastructure and other priorities. The Cloud Accounting and Financial solution revolution enables the CFO to take control of the finance organization’s technology roadmap. When Cloud solutions are orchestrated to work together to support your business needs, your organization will achieve continuous and incremental improvement.

Data Integration

Cloud solutions have an advantage over on-premise software because they are architected with open API’s to support integration.  Additionally, having rich, configurable, pre-built integrations between systems allows for much quicker, durable and robust implementations. Leveraging Armanino’s years of cloud financial integration experience and intellectual property provides you with a “quick start” to a world class, integrated and comprehensive Cloud approach to your critical business processes. Armanino has a wide array of pre-built Integration solutions available on its Cloud Marketplace.

Universal User Access

Unifying your Cloud solutions will ensure that users have access to the information they need, when they need it. For instance, it doesn’t have to be harder to book a flight for work than it is to book for pleasure. Cloud solutions have an inherent advantage in providing universal access because their modern software architectures are built to separate business logic from user interface, enabling access to the solution on virtually any device, anywhere. Leading companies are leveraging integrated Cloud solutions to empower their users with world-class tools and easy access to information.

User Management

Having a coherent and unified way to manage users, their roles, rights and permissions across multiple Cloud systems is essential.  Leading companies are focused on providing unified single sign-on to their users because of the positive impact it has on user experience and adoption. Additionally, having an overarching strategy for onboarding new employees and managing the comprehensive removal from all systems of employees who’ve left the organization. Make sure you include user management in your overall Cloud solutions game plan.

Now is the time to create a sustainable road map of Cloud solutions and harness the efficiencies that can be achieved. Armanino is the experienced partner you need to make good on the promise of the Cloud.


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