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Strategy and Transformation

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Why Us

As your business expands and evolves, and complexity increases, investing in an evaluation of your people, process and technology is a valuable way to prepare for future growth. Armanino’s Strategy and Transformation consulting is grounded in years of hands-on experience and enabled by our leading CFO Evolution® research.  We can help you when you are experiencing VUCA – Vulnerability, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.


Armanino transforms the way you do business to drive innovation, increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve controls.  Our consultants have the know-how to quickly assess your current state and the expertise to help you achieve your strategic business goals. We adjust our perspective based on the roles, industry and expertise of our client’s team and customers, but our proven templated methodology enables you with insightful and actionable roadmaps for your business.

Armanino employs a proven five-step methodology to provide you with actionable recommendations. Our experts:

  1. Listen – conduct group sessions and individual stakeholder discussions
  2. Assess – identify the core challenges and opportunities with your people, processes and technology
  3. Analyze – benchmark your organization against the industry and common business practices
  4. Report – offer new processes, systems and process flows
  5. Recommend – define the optimal future state of your business


Companies and nonprofits like yours have leveraged Armanino’s insight to maximize value in business transformation. The full breadth of Armanino’s Strategy and Transformation services includes:

  • Strategy Engagements
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Business & Technology Assessments & Roadmaps
  • Business Transformation
  • Benchmarking
  • Industry Analysis
  • Program Management
  • Executive Facilitation


Private Equity Firm Modernize Its Accounting Operations Using Sage Intacct

A leading private equity firm was expanding its business operations, it also was in the process of doubling the number of its employees. The firm turned to Armanino and Sage Intacct to automate manual processes and save ...

Enespro PPE Prepares for Rapid Growth With Sage Intacct and Nexonia

PPE leader Enespro set the foundation for their company’s growth with scalable cloud ERP and expense report management solutions Sage Intacct and Nexonia by partnering with Armanino.

How to Become a Transformational CFO

To make the shift to forward-looking, strategic leadership, you need to have the right people and culture, and optimize your processes through innovation and technology.
Business Solutions for Real Estate Thumbnail

Choose your path to see how fast-growing real estate firms are maximizing operational efficiencies, automating key systems, maintaining compliance and more.

MetaMetrics Uses a New Tech Stack to Apply Data-Driven Focus for Growth

Educational technology company MetaMetrics built a roadmap to update their technology stack with integrated cloud solutions for ERP, FP&A and CRM to drive a focus on strategic growth.

From Finance to Beyond: Strategic Assessments with a Trusted Partner

Infographic: In today’s volatile world, organizations must be able to maximize strategic investments. A trusted assessment helps uncover how you can increase the value of your inves ...

Anka Outsources IT to Fix Issues and Cut Costs, With Guidance From Armanino

Nonprofit Anka Behavioral Health turned to Armanino for a technology assessment to determine the right strategy for modernizing their tech stack and building their strategic roadmap.

Best Western Premier Resort Cuts Monthly Close in Half, Saves 20 Hours a Week

Premier resort automates financial processes with Sage Intacct, BlackLine and Armanino’s integration for a massive time-savings and significantly improved real-time visibility.

BLKBX Creative Sets Strategy to Combine Discipline & Creativity for Long-Term Success

Growing BLKBX Creative Group turned to Armanino’s strategy team to develop “bulletproof” long-term financial planning strategies to enable the agency to continue their path of success.

CFO Evolution 2.0 – The Path to the Transformational CFO

What does the “evolution” of the CFO really mean today?

Well-Respected Nonprofit Reduces Time Wasted on Manual Spreadsheet Updates

Nonprofit Marin Humane Society turned to Armanino’s Strategy & Transformation to help them improve efficiencies now and in the future in their finance processes and technologies.

Technology Assessment Services

Armanino’s Technology Assessment Services provide a holistic review of your current business systems and needs including people, process, and technology. Our team of management consultants evaluate your e ...

CRM Assessment Services

Armanino’s CRM Assessment Service provides a holistic review of your CRM system, including people, process, and technology. Our team of consultants possess extensive experience and expertise in ...

Operational Assessment Services

Armanino’s Operational Assessment Services focus on a holistic view of your business strategy and processes now and for the future. Companies and nonprofits like yours have leveraged Armanino’s insi ...

Cybersecurity Assessment

Armanino's Cybersecurity Assessment Services help you combat the growing threat of cyberattack and safeguard your reputation, digital assets and customer data.

QuickStart Assessment Service

Armanino Technology Assessment Services provide a holistic review of your current business systems and needs, including people, processes and technology.


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