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Financial Planning & Analysis Services


Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is one of the most critical business functions, yet many organizations lack adequate processes, talent and tools to do it well. Our FP&A team helps organizations understand current operations from multiple angles and chart a path to long-term financial growth.

Armanino’s cross-functional team of experts is made up of highly experienced CFOs, controllers, FP&A specialists and financial consultants with a deep understanding of financial strategy, forecasting, planning, analytics, key performance indicators (KPIs), reporting, data security and other finance-related needs and challenges. With the right combination of people, efficient processes and top-rated technologies, we streamline and deliver a finance capability that propels your organization to achieve its goals and beyond.

Our FP&A experts can integrate and play an active role on your internal finance team (either on-site or remotely). Or, you can partner with Armanino to build finance infrastructure — through people, process and technology — and train your staff on how to continue those ongoing operations. Our team is well-versed in selecting and implementing various financial planning solutions, as well, to maximize your investments in the FP&A space. These multifaceted approaches allow you to access experienced corporate finance resources to best fit your unique needs.

The Roadmap


Armanino provides immediate impact, while creating a roadmap for your long-term transformation. We can deploy world-class talent to get you what you need, quickly. As part of a project or on a stand-alone basis, we can take a deep dive into the people structure of the department.

We examine roles and provide strategic guidance on time, talent and resource allocation. We can advise and train staff on efficiencies, or our team can manage reporting and daily financial operations for you, without you needing to add headcount to your own team. From problem solving to recruiting, training and developing your team, we can turn a people deficit into your leading strength.


Our FP&A team partners with your organization to analyze prior year results, look for trends and KPIs and prepare a model of your future. This “self-knowledge” is invaluable in creating, maintaining and growing the profitability of your business.

We support your organization throughout the entire process, from consulting to technology implementation, process deployment and management. We assess current structures, define the future state, determine roles and responsibilities, revise and optimize businesses processes, help set goals for transformation, standardize new processes and charts of accounts and deploy corporate performance management software.


Using data analysis and technology tools, we provide accurate analysis, forecasting and business models, incredibly insightful reporting, effective cash management, operating expense optimization, board and fundraising finance support and executive-level insight.

Armanino also has access to the industry’s most advanced finance technologies. Solutions like Workday Adaptive Planning and Solver enable organizations via the leading edge of analytics and reporting. These cloud-based corporate performance management (CPM) solutions deploy quickly and easily without major upfront investments or lengthy IT implementation projects.

Customizable and business-specific, these solutions reduce planning cycle times, cut time and resources spent consolidating and reporting, free up more time for analysis and provide real-time data for better decision making.

Why Armanino

Your FP&A function provides an extremely high return on investment. There is simply no substitute for full visibility across your entire organization and having a clear sense of your future.

With Armanino’s FP&A services, you have access to world-class knowledge in a quick, responsive and relationship-based format. You get the depth of insight and range of services expected from the Big Four with the agility and customization of small, boutique groups. We provide cost-competitive services that are output-focused and trackable, with an approach that is authentic, forward-thinking and transformative.


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