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There are times when you have to turn to outside expertise. The key to success is selecting the right partner. With this in mind, Armanino offers an integrated collection of services designed to meet the needs of both growing and established private and public companies. Every job is unique. And the needs of each client vary. That's why Armanino builds each consulting team based on the exact objectives of the project.


At Armanino, we differentiate ourselves by wrapping the right technology around an organization’s strategic objectives as well as being the go-to resource in many critical strategic areas.

Our consultants quickly evaluate where you are today, where your limitations are, and where you are headed as a business. At that point, we are able to give you a playbook that sets priorities and minimizes risk.

We help you with the most pressing business challenges companies face:

  • Choosing the technology to meet your objectives
  • Conducting due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
  • Mitigating risk and ensuring compliance
  • Getting you better business intelligence
  • Moving critical systems to the cloud
  • Structuring for IPO readiness

Our solutions cover the full spectrum from technology to new processes to people. And we don’t just provide strategy, but rather, we stick with you to either help you create your own internal team or an outsourced approach. 

AI Lab

Armanino’s AI Lab offers a host of educational services dedicated to creating sustainable, competitive advantage for your business.

We focus on the AI solutions that matter most to business executives tasked with scaling their organizations for growth and market dominance.


AI Lab Infographic

Business Application Consulting

Armanino’s award-winning Business Application strategy, selection, implementation and integration consulting services provide you with out of the box industry best practices and best of breed technology solutions in this mobile first, cloud first world.

Cloud computing has become ubiquitous in today’s business environment – public, private and hybrid Cloud solutions exist in every organization.  Today’s business leaders must seamlessly incorporate Cloud computing strategy in their plans for growth.  

Armanino’s comprehensive Business Application Consulting services address the strategic challenges faced by CFOs of fast-growing companies. Armanino evaluates your current business process and technology landscape and works side by side with your organization to ensure you select the software tools you need to scale for growth and operate as efficiently as possible. This service takes into account current manual and automated practices and looks for areas where operations can cut redundancy, reduce manual tasks, and improve or eliminate systems.


Cloud Solutions

Just as you can count on technology to keep changing, you can count on Armanino to keep your technology up-to-date with our full suite of cloud solutions.

Cloud computing has become ubiquitous in our personal and professional lives with must-have applications like iTunes for entertainment, Google for document management and ADP for payroll.  Research from the Cloud Accounting Institute reveals that after major growth in adoption rates over the past several years, cloud solutions are now considered mainstream and are in wide usage, with 73 percent of survey respondents indicating their companies currently use Software as a Service (SaaS) or Cloud solutions.  

For the finance department, this means that numerous tools in the Cloud are available to streamline accounting functions — everything from GL to multi-currency transactions, equity administration to budgeting and forecasting. Cloud solutions offer the flexibility to be customized to work the way you do, and the capability to integrate with nearly any software package. Dwindling technology budgets mean businesses look to the Cloud for agile IT solutions without prohibitive upfront costs.  They can be especially effective for fast-growing companies who want to keep their employees engaged with the latest technology tools and anytime, anywhere access to their business-critical applications. Cloud solutions are continuously and seamlessly updated ensuring you always have the latest technology and feature set.


Systems Implementation

Our Rapid Implementation Methodology is a proven, comprehensive approach used on all our projects to successfully increase user adoption, streamline processes, fulfill business goals and regulatory requirements.

Our Planning, Implementation and Support Methodology
All of our methodologies are rooted in the concept of continuous improvement.  As we work through the design, implementation and testing components of your systems, we are constantly working with process owners to gain a deeper understanding of your business and in turn, identify where processes and controls can be improved.

Using this proven approach, we optimize your ROI and mitigate the reasons why other solution providers under-perform. But having clear priorities is not enough. We help you make the strategy happen. We collaborate with you to build a robust:

  • Staffing approach
  • Quality assurance game plan including key checkpoints
  • Systems integration strategy
  • Conversion and migration strategy
  • Outsourced model if preferred

Because we see a lot of patterns in successful companies, we are able to help you minimize the risk of a failed implementation. A key part of our approach is sharing BEST practices both within and outside your industry. And of course we also share what doesn’t work at all and where companies have made the biggest mistakes. At the end of the day we measure our success on how seamlessly your project goes and how it transforms your company. 


CFO Advisory

How does a CFO become less of an accountant and more of a strategist? Our CFO Evolution is a set of specific directives that can help you streamline your operation to achieve better accounting processes in less time—freeing the CFO to spend more time on the more vital strategic concerns of the company.

Growing companies often find themselves needing additional resources as they expand and change. Our CFO Advisory Services team helps CFOs with critically important business enhancements and transactions. Our team includes former CEOs, COOs and CFOs of major corporations. They bring a unique set of skills to each project including international expertise, reorganization experience, capital management, and business process redesign.

Equity Management Consulting

Armanino's Equity Management Solutions team brings much-needed discipline and accounting rigor to stock option plans for startups, privately funded companies, and those preparing for IPOs. Armanino leverages cloud-based tools to build solutions and provide support or serve as the outsourced solution, for a wide variety of privately-held companies.


IPO Readiness

When your company is in growth mode and eyeing an IPO, the last thing you need is expensive red tape that diverts you from your goal. Armanino’s IPO Readiness Team knows the path. Let our financial and business process consultants show you the way to reach your destination, based on your strategic plan.


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Advisory

The success of any deal comes down to the details. Armanino, an experienced and trusted leader among merger and acquisition companies has a team of mergers and acquisition consultants that specialize in reducing complexity, mitigating risks and increasing value in acquisitions, corporate restructurings, management buy-outs, dispositions and other business transactions.


Outsourced Finance & Accounting

Outsourced finance and accounting brings you financial expertise without the expense or human resources risk of hiring full-time staff. You’ll also reap the benefits of the latest financial management software, including easy to use real-time dashboards of your financial data, without having to invest in new technology. Our specialists can step in right away, at whatever level of service you need, freeing you and your team to focus on what you do best.

Technical Accounting

Maintaining highly specialized accounting expertise in-house is impractical or impossible for most organizations. Armanino provides a cost-effective solution for your technical accounting needs, from merger-related services to quarterly SEC filings to stock option accounting. Our experienced team serves public and private clients of all sizes, across all industries.


Business Valuations & Asset Valuation

Whether you’re considering an exit strategy or calculating stock options for tax purposes, Armanino’s Valuation Services team is there to cut through the complexity and get to what really matters. We’ve done more than 1,500 business valuations.


Law Firm Services

For over 25 years, hundreds of law firms have turned to Armanino to guide them through the complex issues facing this mature industry. We combine the power of an 1,100-person CPA firm with a boutique practice dedicated to meeting the unique strategic, accounting and operational needs of law firms. Armanino is the only firm in the Western U.S. with a combined consulting and accounting practice that is exclusively dedicated to serving the business needs of law firms.

Armanino provides strategic solutions, from succession planning and partner retreat facilitation to practice profitability analysis. We offer a turnkey solution for your billing, accounting and reporting functions using our expert team of CPAs, COOs, CFOs and accounting professionals who work exclusively with small and mid-sized law firms. Our world-class corporate, partnership and individual tax accounting services and assurance services are tailored to your needs. We understand that law firms are different from most businesses, from the proper treatment of client advances to the specialized rules of trust accounting. Armanino’s Law Firm Services team provides best in class service from the boardroom to the back office.


To help your organization focus on mission-critical strategic decisions, Armanino's Outsourced Accounting services team brings experienced financial and accounting consultants to clients in private businesses and nonprofit organizations.

With a strong mix of expertise across all financial functions―management, human resources, recruiting, restructuring, reporting, accounting and tax―as well as technology expertise, we can hit the ground running to meet your specific needs. Armanino provides unparalleled support to our clients through best-in-class financial accounting and analytical services, delivered through an effective and efficient ecosystem of our people, processes and technology.