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Essential Peer Review

Maintain compliance with AICPA practice monitoring requirements and get valuable feedback to support your firm’s continued growth. 

Our Approach

Providing Value Beyond Compliance

Peer review is a critical component of a firm’s quality control program. It provides insight into the quality and effectiveness of your audit and accounting practice and determines whether your firm’s system of quality control is suitably designed and operating effectively. A peer review can also be a source of valuable feedback when you engage a reviewer that can efficiently evaluate your organization to improve firm performance.
Essential Peer Review Services - Meet Your Goals and Drive Growth
Trust and Transparency
Meet Your Goals and Drive Growth
Maintaining an open dialogue with your peer reviewer is key to ensuring that your needs are being met and you attain your goals.  That’s why communication is an essential aspect of our service. By fostering a trusting and transparent relationship, we can provide feedback that best serves your organization and pinpoints opportunities for continued growth.  And with our wide range of expertise, we can seamlessly meet your needs as your firm evolves.
Meaningful Perspective

Gain Strategic Recommendations Through a Trusted Partnership

Our established peer review practice serves more than 30 firms across the nation, and we consistently receive the “pass” rating, the highest rating possible, in our own peer reviews. We are always striving to improve our own system of quality control and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. Our experts will work closely with your team to apply innovative best practices from our own peer review process and provide a meaningful perspective that enables your continued success.
Industry Expertise
Invest in Your Future Growth

To get the most valuable feedback, you need a reviewer with a deep understanding of your firm and quality control system and the industries you serve. Our team ensures that your peer review is an investment in your future rather than a simple compliance task. You’ll benefit from our continued expansion in all “must select” industries as defined by the AICPA peer review program, including:

  • Engagements under Government Auditing Standards, including compliance audits under the Single Audit Act
  • Audits of employee benefit plans
  • Audits of depository institutions
  • Examinations of service organizations

We also provide deep expertise in a wide range of other industries, including:

Steven Schueppert - Audit | Armanino
Steve is responsible for providing audit, customized accounting, tax, and consulting services to the firm’s clients.

St. Louis, MO
Lincoln Gray - Partner, Audit - St. Louis, MO | Armanino
Lincoln is a partner in Armanino’s Audit practice and has a specialized focus in financial-service-related entities.

St. Louis, MO
Todd Goldenhersh Headshot 1
Todd has more than 15 years of audit experience working with clients in the heavily regulated insurance industry.

St. Louis, MO
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