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Unified ERP, CRM Solution for Life Science

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Industry Solution Delivers Effective End-to-End Process Management for Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Makers

SAN RAMON, CA (June 14, 2013) – ArmaninoLLP – a leading national Microsoft partner providing business consulting services and end-to-end technology solutions for clients in the life sciences industry – offers hands-on advice for the challenges that rapidly growing life science companies face.

Details of how Armanino approaches this market are available in a recently published white paper entitled: “Ensure Compliance and Optimize Operational Efficiencies with a Unified ERP/CRM Solution for Life Sciences.” The white paper is available for free at

The whitepaper includes a case study by Armanino, in which a growing radiation and oncology company in Silicon Valley consolidated 18 different systems into one unified ERP/CRM platform; optimizing and streamlining its operations and automating its sales process. Consolidation eliminated manual data re-entry across systems and created an automated flow of information throughout departments and the company’s supply chain.

Biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers operate in a strictly regulated environment with complex compliance, rigorous quality standards, and supply chain-through-end-customer traceability challenges that must be integrated and optimized in order for rapid growth to continue.

Growth across the broader industry averages 13 percent annually, with many life sciences companies anticipating explosive growth following FDA approval for bringing their next drug or device to market, notes Armanino Partner Chris Moore, who lead’s the firm’s Microsoft Dynamics practice. He says the complexity that most life science manufacturers operate at is “mindboggling.”

“The crucial but daily routine of compiling operations and customer data can be a speed bump that potentially slows the pace of innovation and the ability to bring new products to market,” Moore says. “Reducing complexity and time wasting activity is an imperative for survival in this dynamic industry.”

For many life sciences companies, solutions have been hard to come by and implement; but a growing number are turning to Armanino -- the 29th largest accounting and business consulting firm in the United States and the largest based in California -- for answers. Armanino combines deep experience in technology manufacturing with a set of customized Microsoft Dynamics products that significantly increase the relevance, availability and overall quality of key operations and customer data.

Armanino integrates Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM applications that closely align resource planning and customer demand for life science manufacturers. The firm analyzes manufacturing clients to identify the most impactful performance indicators for clients to focus on and then calibrates systems to deliver that specific data.


June 14, 2013

About ArmaninoLLP

Armanino LLP ( is one of the 25 largest independent accounting and business consulting firms in the nation. Armanino provides an integrated set of audit, tax, business management, consulting and technology solutions to companies in the U.S. and globally. The firm helps clients adapt and change in every stage of business, from startup through rapid growth to the sale of a company. Armanino emphasizes smart technology, leading a cloud revolution of financial, operational, sales and compliance tools that are transforming the way companies do business. The firm extends its global services to more than 100 countries through its membership in Moore Global, one of the world's major accounting and consulting membership organizations. In addition to its core consulting and accounting practices, Armanino operates its division, AMF Media Group (, a media and communications services agency. Its affiliate, Intersect Capital ( is an independent financial planning, wealth and lifestyle management firm.

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