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Armanino Launches Business Intelligence Dashboard for Private Schools

SAN RAMON, CA (August 2, 2013) – The nation’s leading private schools are moving into the fast lane with a new business intelligence dashboard developed by ArmaninoLLP called Armanino RPM – Real-Time Performance Management.

RPM is a cloud-based product that empowers private school decision makers to identify and automatically monitor and benchmark key performance indicators (KPIs). It also provides user insight into enrollment and admissions, fundraising, endowments and investments.

“RPM represents a distillation of knowledge acquired by our firm over many years of experience serving over 100 private schools,” Dean Quiambao, CPA and audit director at Armanino, says. “Users of this product will save valuable time on financial statement and board reporting preparation, as well as gain valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their own operations.”

“Because the product is cloud- and subscription-based, it features very low total cost of ownership and accelerated ROI,” says Quiambao. “RPM automatically produces a majority of financial and board reports in a concise, structured format, which previously might have redirected executive focus from more pressing activities.”

“The dashboard ‘makes users’ financial information come to life and ensures that financial and management teams stay focused on the items that matter most to their school’s financial future,” Quiambao says. “Additionally, RPM will allow for the schools to benchmark themselves against other schools on the platform.”

“From a trial balance, RPM can instantly pull in the most relevant data for an educational organization and streamline it in ways that help financial and operational, and customer relationship decision makers know with certainty

whether they are meeting, exceeding or falling short of their expectations and those of their stakeholders.”

Armanino – the 29th largest accounting and business consulting firm in the United States and a provider of integrated consulting and technology solutions and traditional accounting services for organizations in the U.S. and globally – serves more than 100 of the best private schools in California and nationally.

In a recent ranking of the nation’s top private preparatory schools by, a prestigious independent organization that evaluates educational institutions, the six California schools in the 2013 list all rely on Armanino to deliver insight and effective action that improves their operations.

These schools all choose Armanino to provide advice, accounting and operations support that improves their financial and operational performance, making them more attractive to families seeking quality education for their children. Armanino aims to provide that depth of insight to private schools across the country.


August 02, 2013

About ArmaninoLLP

Armanino LLP ( is one of the 25 largest independent accounting and business consulting firms in the nation. Armanino provides an integrated set of audit, tax, business management, consulting and technology solutions to companies in the U.S. and globally. The firm helps clients adapt and change in every stage of business, from startup through rapid growth to the sale of a company. Armanino emphasizes smart technology, leading a cloud revolution of financial, operational, sales and compliance tools that are transforming the way companies do business. The firm extends its global services to more than 100 countries through its membership in Moore Global, one of the world's major accounting and consulting membership organizations. In addition to its core consulting and accounting practices, Armanino operates its division, AMF Media Group (, a media and communications services agency. Its affiliate, Intersect Capital ( is an independent financial planning, wealth and lifestyle management firm.

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