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You’re not in the interactive digital entertainment industry to do accounting and consulting work. Armanino removes those distractions and enables you to focus on what really matters — developing your product and making strategic business decisions.

Our Approach

We Understand Gaming Company Needs

Strategically located in US Tech Hubs we have been serving all facets of the technology industry for more than 60 years, combining real-world experience with technical skills to help you solve your immediate problems, identify new opportunities and implement long-term strategies for success.

We have an experienced team of accountants, auditors and consultants who also happen to be avid gamers. Our experts understand the unique business requirements and strategic decisions you need to address daily and can help you navigate the constantly changing landscape as technology advances and consumers access entertainment content via new devices, subscription services and media platforms.

How We Can Help You

Client Service Model

You must reduce your risk exposure, maintain compliance and execute your strategic operational and financial plans quickly. From startup to M&A or IPO and beyond, we find the smartest solutions for your unique tax, audit and consulting needs. We’ve identified critical pain points commonly seen in the industry, including:

  • Development Milestones – Developers rely on publishers to fund the production of their product. And publishers want to ensure that developers maintain the production schedule. Our gaming experts can help both sides through a project-based engagement that uses development milestones as a basis to create a budget and forecast to secure financial solvency throughout the production process.
  • Tax Planning – Whether you need to identify R&D tax credits, decide your tax entity status or perform general tax planning to get in front of expenditures and mitigate your tax burden, we have the expertise to get you on the right track on pace with your timeline.
  • Revenue Scheduling – Games and their adjacent products and services don’t bring in revenue the same way a typical business does. And with less of a reliance on retail, revenue is coming from more varied sources. We can help optimize your operations and accounting to navigate through the peaks and valleys, so revenue complications such as multi-year contracts, performance bonuses and microtransactions are recognized correctly, and your financial statements display accurate and meaningful results.
  • Compliance Strategy – We can work with you to develop agreed-upon procedures based on your wants and needs. Typically, we perform ASC 606 or U.S. GAAP assessments to review your controls and make recommendations on areas for improvement. Afterward, we can perform an examination of management assertions, where we provide a report attesting to your compliance in the requested field.
  • Exit Planning – Do you have your end goal in mind? Our seasoned consultants work alongside you to develop your long-term strategy. We can conduct a valuation to maximize your worth in case of an IPO. We can also do the same valuation and then guide you through a merger or acquisition.
  • HR and Finance – Your administrative burden may slow productivity, but the expense of hiring an in-house team to manage your HR and finance departments can be prohibitive. Our Business Outsourcing Services practice consists of former CFOs, controllers and HR professionals who can manage these policies and processes for you, at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal team. We can streamline your accounting procedures, handle every aspect of employee relations to lessen your exposure to risk, and ensure your compliance with regulators.
Accounting and Consulting Expertise for the Video Gaming Industry
Consumer Business Audit
Our experts deliver efficient and cost-effective audits and reviews.
Consumer Business Tax Accounting
Our techncial tax consulting and compliance are tailored to your niche.
Consumer Business Consulting
Our experts provide business process streamlining strategy and support.
Outsourcing Services
Our team solves for daily challenges faced by your HR team.
Technology Risk Assurance
Our experts meet your cybersecurity, privacy, SOC report and SOX needs.
Our experts recommend the best-in-breed systems to overcome your hurdles.
Mike Mansour, Tax
Senior Manager

Mike’s areas of focus include tax compliance, income tax accounting, tax research, tax analysis for entity selection...

Isaac Peace - Audit | Armanino
Isaac has been providing accounting expertise to clients since 2005. He focuses on audit, attestation, internal control...
Todd Northrup - Partner, Tax - Woodland Hills CA | Armanino

Todd has more than 20 years of experience, including 13 years at Big Four firms, working with a wide variety of publ...

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