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Real Estate Investments & REITs

Real estate syndicates are experiencing a resurgence in the United States, as domestic and foreign investors once again view real estate as an attractive asset class with healthy returns. Keeping those investors happy can consume a significant amount of time and energy, from tracking complex equity structures to ensuring timely distribution of K-1 tax reports to allocating profits. Armanino helps shoulder these operational burdens, freeing you up to look ahead to the next deal. 

Our Approach

Achieving growth of your fund and optimal returns for investors requires upfront planning. Armanino works side-by-side with you to provide the financial, tax, and business advisory guidance you need to achieve your objectives.

What We Do

Real Estate Syndicate Audits

Real Estate Syndicate Audits

Armanino has deep expertise in accounting for complex debt and equity structures, as well as fair-value reporting and other unique aspects of accounting for real estate. Our audits and reviews provide institutional investors and lenders assurance that they can rely upon the fund’s financial statements to provide meaningful information. 


Real Estate Syndicate Taxes

Real Estate Syndicate Taxes

Armanino draws on a team of more than 200 tax professionals to deliver timely and accurate tax reporting to investment funds of all sizes, navigating complicated issues such as debt-financed distributions and step-up in basis. For funds that seek foreign investments, our international tax team navigates the tax implications and can structure these investments to minimize complications.


Real Estate Syndicate Consulting

Real Estate Syndicate Consulting

Whether your fund provides the desired returns depends largely on how partnership and other operating agreements are structured. We get to know all the parties involved in a real estate partnership so we can advise you on the proper structure of agreements. Whether we’re advising on the proper presentation of an operating memorandum or recommending the best systems to track and manage investor returns across multiple capital raises and equity classes, we help you mitigate the risks inherent in real estate investing. 


Our Team


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