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Owners & Operators

Long-term, continued growth of your real estate portfolio requires a thoughtful approach. Raising capital and structuring operating agreements must be done with your growth and risk-mitigation objectives in mind. Armanino draws on decades of experience serving owner/operators to help you protect and grow what you’ve built.

Our Approach

Because there are many potential pitfalls in owning and operating commercial real estate, we work closely with our clients in a consultative fashion. So, as you build your portfolio, we will be by your side anticipating and solving problems from the inception of the deal until the ultimate sale or transfer of the asset. 

What We Do

Real Estate Audits

Real Estate Audits

Mitigating the risks inherent in real estate requires a strategy that leverages appropriate sources of debt and equity financing—and those capital sources expect assurance that the entity is well run and the numbers are fairly stated. We draw on our deep network of real estate lenders and equity investors to connect our clients with sources of capital who specialize in their sector. Then we deliver timely and accurate audited financial statements that give your lenders and investors the assurance they need. 


Real Estate Taxes

Real Estate Taxes

Our experience with sophisticated and complex ownership structures means that we can help you maximize the value of the property while minimizing income taxes. From the initial structure of the entity to the successful execution of a sale or Section 1031 exchange, we optimize tax benefits to you and your investors. We also support investor review and considerations. For those owners looking to build value for future generations, we integrate estate planning structures into the real estate investment strategy through vehicles such as trusts and Family Limited Partnerships.


Real Estate Consulting

Real Estate Consulting

Armanino takes a personal, consultative approach with each client. That means we look out for what’s best for you every step of the way, from reviewing operating agreements to recommending best-of-breed analytics tools to designing an effective internal control environment. Our real estate audit specialists also can provide the internal assurance you need that policies, processes and controls are effective through our independent property audits.


Our Team


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