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You’ve got to play your cards right in the high-risk, high-reward game of real estate development. Armanino helps you build the optimal hand at each stage of the development cycle. We guide you through such sticky issues as managing complex equity waterfall structures and structuring your investment so that it is taxed at capital gains rather than ordinary income tax rates. 

Our Approach

Real estate deals can go sideways quickly. At Armanino, we help you sidestep avoidable risks. We deliver the greatest value when we are involved in up-front planning of the deal, so we can work together to build a plan with the greatest potential of achieving your goals. 

What We Do

Real Estate Development Audits

Real Estate Development Audits

Your development lives or dies by your access to debt and equity financing. An Armanino audit or review provides investors and lenders the peace of mind that they need regarding the security of their capital. Our real estate CPAs have deep experience with complex equity structures and other nuances of accounting for real estate developments.


Real Estate Development Taxes

Real Estate Development Taxes

Armanino helps real estate builders and developers structure their projects to achieve the greatest return with the smallest possible tax bite while also providing the timely K-1 tax reporting that investors expect. Wherever possible, we draw on our deep understanding of case law around the dealer vs. investor issue to find ways to structure your investments to achieve capital gains treatment. Our real estate tax team also has extensive experience deferring gain on real property through Section 1031 exchanges. 


Real Estate Development Consulting

Real Estate Development Consulting

Our experience working with real estate developers means that we have the expertise to advise you in a variety of ways, from reviewing operating agreements to recommending systems to track and monitor complex waterfall equity structures. 


Our Team


Sage Intacct for Construction and Real Estate

Armanino can help bring your construction real estate financial management into the new age with Sage Intacct construction cloud accounting software.

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Consider a Community Bank for Your Next Loan

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Real Estate Developer Lays Foundation for Growth With Sage Intacct

Growing national real estate developer turned to Armanino and Sage Intacct to move off QuickBooks and into the cloud to improve reporting and streamline its multi-entity business.

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