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Our Approach

Franchising continues to gain popularity by those who want to take ownership of their future. Worldwide, there has been a significant increase in the number of new franchisees. This increase in franchising activity requires an increase in expertise and specialization in this area.

That’s why Armanino provides a full-service approach—across audit, tax and consulting service lines—to help you create, grow and manage a successful franchise system.

Our team of professionals are devoted solely to the franchise industry. We understand the challenges that Franchisors face and have the expertise to guide our clients through what can be a very complex maze of advisors, regulations and system development details. We serve a broad range of franchise industries including Food and Beverage, Professional Services, Healthcare, Education, Real Estate, Fitness, Hospitality and Professional Sports.


In order to grow your franchise, you have to focus on your core mission—and that’s not financial statements, taxes, payroll, billing, accounts receivable, reconciliation or evolving regulations. From FDD compliant audited financial statements to unit-level bookkeeping and reporting, our team of dedicated experts provide real solutions tailored for the special needs of the franchise industry. Armanino is your true strategic franchise partner.



If you are a franchise owner, you know the importance of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This document must be given to any prospective buyers of your franchise brand. Our franchise Auditors can help ensure that your FDD is completed with the required audited financial statements and that Item 19, “Earnings Claims” is handled properly.




The franchise industry has unique international tax and consulting needs, which become even more complex when the franchise has a global footprint. Armanino has real solutions to help solve complex international franchise tax challenges.




Armanino’s Outsourced Finance & Accounting team brings 20+ years of specialized experience to the financial and accounting function in franchises and private businesses.

For Franchisors, we can provide temporary staffing at all levels, from staff accountant to CFO, to fill gaps in your organization. Your financials are secure—available only through a protected portal from Armanino—and accessible 24/7 from your desktop and any mobile device. And your company’s financials are easy to track with user-friendly reports.

For Franchisees, we can implement cloud-based accounting and financial reporting that will save you time and money and provide meaningful insights into your business by developing financial performance measurements specific to your needs.


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