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Sports Franchises

Sports franchises must manage a diverse set of business issues, from arena leases to merchandise sales to complex sponsorship revenue agreements. Armanino has the range of practical expertise to meet these specialized needs. We help sports franchise organizations streamline their operations and increase their profitability.

What We Do

We offer an integrated set of specialized audit, tax, consulting and software services. Our team has the industry experience and technical knowledge to help sports franchises run more efficiently and profitably.


We can organize an efficient and cost-effective audit or review, ensuring that financial statements display accurate and meaningful results.


Our tax experts provide filing guidance and help franchise organizations optimize tax benefits, identify strategic tax planning opportunities and address key concerns such as revenue recognition.


Sport franchises require the ability to implement core financials, manage league reporting, and increase marketing and sales effectiveness through business process automation and forecasting. By partnering with Armanino, you’ll get access to a team of ERP, CRM, budgeting, reporting and forecasting experts who understand your needs and deploy solutions to support retail inventory management and internal equipment management and provide integration to ticketing and POS systems, giving you a seamless solution and companywide insight. We also provide business process streamlining support with our CFO Advisory consulting services.


Our Team