Touring Proof of Reserves Dashboard

Tour the Proof of Reserves Dashboard

by Noah Buxton, Jeremy Nau
May 14, 2021
How do users get the right level of reporting or transparency ensuring that their digital assets are being managed in the right way?
In this video you will get to tour the Proof of Reserves dashboard built for leading crypto company, Ledn. Armanino has been developing cutting edge solutions for the digital assets industry since 2014 and understands that the digital asset industry lacks the standards to ensure digital asset service providers hold enough assets to cover customer deposits. Gaps in trust result in lower rates of adoption and higher counterparty risks. Armanino solutions provide objective third-party services that instill confidence that providers have sufficient digital assets to meet users’ liabilities and enables validation that account data was included in the review.

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Noah Buxton - Director, Blockchain - San Francisco, CA | Armanino
Managing Director
Jeremy Nau - Manager, Blockchain - San Ramon, CA | Armanino
Senior Manager
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