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IPO Reality Check: How Finance Can Lead by Removing Roadblocks


Strategic CFOs know when finance should lead key pre-IPO processes and ensure they aren't the bottleneck to post-IPO success.
Pre-IPO, top-tier CFOs understand that the laundry list of IPO readiness tasks just aren't feasible—time, talent and sanity are in short supply—which is why they focus on the bare essentials to ensure they can file the S-1 when the time is right. Post IPO, more than 40% of companies are spending their cash on M&A, R&D or CAPEX, and those same CFOs understand that streamlined financial reporting and 0% restatements are essential to meeting the CEO's growth objectives.

Our presenters will explain how to think like a top-tier CFO and turn your company's upcoming IPO into an opportunity for finance to lead—by getting their job done and then getting out of the way.

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