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Case Study

Rimini Street Actionable View of Data Dynamic Insights

February 07, 2013

Business Challenge

Rimini Street is a leading third-party provider of enterprise software support for Siebel, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Oracle®; EBS, Oracle Database, Hyperion, SAP®; and BusinessObjects licensees.

Rimini Street had already implemented Dynamics AX, Microsoft’s flagship enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution. With its easy integration into their existing Microsoft computing platform and rapid implementation, Rimini Street was able to consolidate its numerous business applications to provide a comprehensive business management platform. And once their systems were organized, Rimini Street wanted to use their ERP data to help move their business forward.

Rimini Street needed a one-stop-shop to address their data warehousing needs for better budgeting and forecasting, as well as business intelligence. They decided to implement Armanino’s Dynamic InsightsSM solution. Dynamic InsightsSM was developed by Armanino, an Inner Circle Dynamics Partner, to help companies like Rimini Street address their data management needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Business Solutions

Using Dynamic InsightsSM, Rimini Street was able to leverage today’s most sought-after technology tools, business intelligence and automated budgeting, in a matter of days, not months or years like other solutions.

Importantly, Rimini Street was able to take advantage of the fact that Dynamic InsightsSM delivers an advanced logical data mart, business intelligence dashboards and a cloud budgeting, forecasting and planning platform—all in one affordable package. Some of the benefits Rimini Street achieved include:

  • Improved Management Deliverables – Dynamic InsightsSM allowed Rimini Street to begin providing their management team the insight they needed to improve day-to-day operations with easy to use and understand dashboards.
  • Readily Available Mobile Reporting – With Dynamic InsightsSM, key decision makers within all business areas had quick access to the company’s reports and insights for use in internal and external meetings, because the prepackaged software solution delivers data seamlessly to smart phones, tablets and laptops with no additional development effort.
  • Clear Expense Tracking and Planning – The flexible organizational construct of Dynamic InsightsSM allowed Rimini Street to produce forecasted headcount reports to help manage salary and benefit expenses, as well as plan for future growth.
  • Implemented a Standard Budgeting and Forecasting Process – Armanino used Dynamic InsightsSM to help Rimini Street implement a standard process for budgeting, forecasting and planning.

With Dynamic InsightsSM, Rimini Street uses our Microsoft Dynamics data to enable a value-add planning process where all key members of our team participate. Our users love the interface and are actively engaged in regular re-forecasts to keep us centered on current reality. Armanino’s solution allows us to create intuitive dashboards that allow our team to make better decisions every day."
Ed Schaffer, SVP and CFO, Rimini Street

Business Results

Due to their Dynamic InsightsSM implementation, Rimini Street was able to achieve the following:

  • Achieved Weekly Forecasting: Once again, thanks to the seamless integration between the solutions, Rimini Street was able to achieve weekly forecasting. This allowed the management team to have a constant, “real-time” view of the business and solve problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Saved Time: Previously, Rimini Street had a difficult time locating contract details for its customer base. With new BI dashboards, it is fast and easy for the sales team to drill down into summary level reports of new and renewal contracts, and take pre-emptive action to ensure an industry-leading renewal rate.
  • Enhanced Visibility Into Results – Dynamics AX and Dynamic InsightsSM are constantly sharing actual results and budget data. With the peace of mind that their systems have the latest data, Rimini Street could drill down planned versus actual results by department, product or both based on their needs. Management was also able to review complete, product-specific profit and loss (P&L) analyses for shared-service expenses. Dynamic InsightsSM also allowed management to drill down through planned versus actual key performance indicators (KPIs) and transaction data.

Rimini Street now views Armanino’s Dynamic InsightsSM solution as an integral part of its entire business operations. Dynamic InsightsSM helped the company distill formerly disparate silos of data and priorities into useable business intelligence—allowing everyone in the company transparent access to clear, understandable information.

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February 07, 2013

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