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For Us, Working From Anywhere Is Nothing New

April 07, 2020

With offices shut down throughout the world amid the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses have been forced to adapt to a new work-from-home environment. For some, this change has not been easy. However, some businesses had already done the work to be prepared for situations like this, and we are fortunate enough to be one of them.

For the better part of a decade, Armanino has invested in the technology infrastructure that allows our teams to securely work on engagements and communicate transparently and clearly with our clients. Whether it's our internal tools used in tax and audit engagements, our full suite of technology consulting solutions or even our communications platforms – we are built to work with you from any location.

Staffed for Maximum Impact

While your lead engagement partner is usually based in a nearby office (currently working from home), our supporting teams are staffed by expertise rather than location. We optimize your engagement team to make a maximum impact on your business. More than 10% of our workforce is permanently remote, and our teams are geographically diverse. That has motivated us to master remote collaboration in the years leading up to this crisis.

Always Collaborative

As part of our infrastructure strategy, we have access to a variety of communication platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and old-fashioned phone calls, if that's your preference.

Working Remote Collaborate


These tools empower us to collaborate with you with incredible transparency and connection. Each enables face-to-face conversations, screen sharing and even the ability to brainstorm in real time.

By digitizing work sessions, we can replicate post-it notes and whiteboards in a cleaner and more legible way. Best of all, these tools are accessible on all mobile devices and laptops anywhere, anytime. And we've done it all virtually, from workshops and webinars to roll-up-the-sleeves project kick-offs, implementations, trainings and support.

Tried and True Methods

We are confident in our ability to succeed with you in these times, because we are working with the same tools that we've been using to deliver results to you in past years. Digital transformation has been a cornerstone of the firm's greater strategic plan. That means we've spent the time and resources to create a workplace-agnostic way to get work done.

If you're working with us on a tax, audit or risk assurance and advisory engagement, you're probably already familiar with some of the tools we use for secure document management, like Suralink. This software solution empowers us to collaboratively transmit critical data and documentation instantly and safely.

We use best-in-breed software like CaseWare for financial statements and tax returns, and Workiva for internal audits and SOX audits. These platforms allow 24/7 access and collaborative work in real time.

Tax returns are delivered to you digitally with SafeSend Returns, an award-winning tax return assembly and delivery system that allows you to receive your returns immediately when they are ready. It also allows us to deliver a summarization of money owed to tax authorities, as well as other needed forms such as K-1s and authorization forms to complete your tax engagement.

Our consulting team has already been deploying most of our technology solutions remotely, whether it's Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics or any number of applications we tailor, implement and deploy for your business. Flexibility with remote access is one of the major factors in our software selection strategy.

Agility and Creative Problem-Solving

While nearly every part of our work can be done digitally, there are of course some exceptions. And we've been finding creative workarounds to ensure your deadlines are met.

For clients who simply cannot provide digital copies of their financial documents, we still have teams who can physically accept documents. We are following all local and state workplace guidelines to ensure the safety of staff who are receiving and processing physical paperwork. We can also deliver documentation to you by mail, if you cannot access delivery digitally.

Some engagements require taking a physical inventory audit, and we've found solutions for that as well. We can work with you through a variety of live remote viewing tools, whether that's FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or more. In fact, we recently completed an inventory remotely with great success.

Stay in Touch

Now, more than ever, it's important for people to stay connected. While we have always prided ourselves on client service and responsiveness, we are putting a premium on staying connected with you. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions you may have about your engagement. We look forward to visiting with you when this crisis passes.

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