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Why Even Non-Developers Should Use Dynamics CRM SDK

August 21, 2014

If you are like me, the acronym "SDK" scares you (not that I would ever share that with my development-type teammates). I am a run-of-the-mill CRM customizer – do I really need or want to know all the nitty-gritty details of end points, soap vs. rest, and assemblies? Not really, but there is much more to the Dynamics CRM SDK than development tips/tools/examples. My current favorite is the Data Migration Utility.

The Data Migration Utility allows you to export data from specific entities and then import that data into another environment. Why is this important? It means that lists or supporting data will have the same GUID in each environment. If you have jscript or a real-time workflow that populates fields as defaults, you can use the same GUID in each environment!

In the SDK 6.1 this can be found in SDKToolsConfigurationMigrationDataMigrationUtility.exe

Why Even Non-Developers Should Use Dynamics CRM SDK

In three easy steps, you can create a schema file, export data and then import the data into your new target environment. Choosing Continue will require you to log in. If your login has access to more than one org, check the "Display list of available organizations" box.

Display List of Available Organizations

Choose a solution (optional) and select the entity you want to migrate. The schema file defines what fields will be exported – if you only want to export a few of the fields, you only select those.

Define Fields

Note that you can do many entities in one file. Choose Save and Export, and save your file.

Save and Export

You will be presented with the following, to take you to the next step.

Chose to Export

Define the file name for the data by clicking '...' Then choose Export Data.

Export Data

Finally, import the data into the target instance. Note that you will be prompted to log in again when choosing Import from the main menu.

Import Data

Find the zip file created from the export and choose Import Data.

Import Data

The screen will keep you updated on the progress. When it's finished, check out your new data.

New Data

So go ahead ― download the SDK 6.1 today, and see how you can use it to make your work life a bit more efficient.


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