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Tips for Footers on FRx Reports

July 10, 2009

There may be times when the default placement of footers is not acceptable. For example, if a report is multiple pages, the footer is printer immediately under the last line on the page. This presentation can look sloppy and confusing. Another example is when a report is very short and the footer is way down near the bottom of the page. Some users may want the footer information to print higher, more closely to the report.

To fix the problem of the footer printing too close to the last line of the report, you can add the @BLANK code to one or two of the first lines in the footer. Then enter the actual footer codes and/or text on the next lines of the footer. That way, there will always be a line or two between the report data and the footer data.

To fix the problem of the footer printing too low/too far away from the report, you can increase the bottom margin (on the report catalog under Report Options, Page Setup) which will cause the footer to print much higher on the page. I found that 9.0 was the largest bottom footer FRx would except but that was sufficient for a report that had only 6 lines of data.

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