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Tapping Into a Highly Skilled Mobile Workforce with Cloud Software

May 28, 2013

I often hear media economists talk about how businesses are seeing a shortage of skilled workers. While this may still pose a challenge for manufacturing and construction, here in the accounting and professional services industry, we are starting to see how cloud technology is helping to expand our options and encourage a mobile workforce. The rule of thumb: Any job that requires only a computer and an internet connection can be done in the cloud.

In the recent article "From "Write-Up" to Right Profitable", Jeff Drew cited three reasons for this shift:

  1. Shift from paper to paperless
  2. Advancement of cloud computing
  3. Business specialization

This means that accounting and professional services companies have the freedom to choose from a much larger pool of talent – such as an accountant in Iowa and a graphic designer in Argentina. Using cloud technology, workers can save files on a virtual server and use cloud-based accounting software to access business information from anywhere in the world, and many times, these software options have better security and back-up practices than most companies could afford to institute on their own.

So what is the value proposition for you?By using cloud-based software and technology, you can hire an accountant that has the special skillset you are looking for, regardless of whether they live in Iowa or San Francisco. In fact, according to that same article in the Journal of Accountancy, more CPA firms are starting to offer accounting services via the cloud, which means more access to skilled workers. So the next time you are contemplating that new hire or software purchase, consider how the cloud can work for you.

If you'd like to discuss options for cloud accounting software for your company, reach out to our experts.

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