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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Supply Chain Integration

Supply Chain Integration for Dynamics AX increases supply chain visibility by integrating with your subcontractors, vendors and trading partners. Traditional trading partner integration is difficult and expensive and often involves different technologies based on each vendor’s technical capabilities.

The Supply Chain Integration module is a powerful plug-and-play integration tool built natively within Dynamics AX that simplifies the process of supply chain integration and adapts to support multiple formats and technologies.

Fabless and virtual manufacturing companies that rely on outside production resources are challenged with long lead times and need visibility into the status of their work-in-process (WIP) inventories, yields and quality data. It is critical that information from vendors is quickly and accurately published into your systems for planning and execution.

Connect with Trading Partners

The Supply Chain Integration module is an open-standard integration framework that imports transaction files from trading partners, in virtually any format or file type, and processes those transactions within the Microsoft Dynamics AX environment using standard AX classes.

Reduced Supply Chain Transaction Costs

Supply Chain Integration for Dynamics AX streamlines and automates the sharing of data between your trading partners and reduces the overhead and data entry costs for your company and your trading partners.

Pre-Defined Transactions

This module comes with several predefined transaction sets that allow you and your supply chain partners to communicate the expectations and commitments around the purchasing and delivery of goods and services, inventory logistics, production feedback, quality data, drop shipments, sales order fulfillment, and invoicing.

Drag and Drop Mapping

The Supply Chain Integration module has an intuitive and easy-to-use drag and drop utility to map partner data into the respective Dynamics AX fields. In addition to the fields that are required to process each transaction, optional fields can be easily added to support custom requirements.

Experience Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Achieve a Quick Payback

Because Microsoft Dynamics AX for High Tech Industries is built on proven Microsoft products and technologies, your business can take advantage of existing IT investments such as Microsoft Office System applications and the Microsoft Windows Server System™. Lower total cost of ownership can help your company realize a faster payback on your investment. Additional industry solutions offered by Armanino for Microsoft Dynamics AX include:

  • Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Revenue Management
  • Distributor Management


  • Improve customer and trading partner relationships
  • Increase visibility into WIP inventories
  • Gain control of the supply chain
  • Reduce overhead and errors associated with manual data entry
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Positive return on investment (ROI)

SCI Business Logic Overview

SCI Business Logic Overview

Features Overview

Feature Module
Integration Framework
  • Data Translation & Mapping
  • Written in X++ Powerful Cross-Reference
  • Automatic Transaction Processing Supports XML, CSV, XLS, RosettaNet & Flat Files
Data Validation
  • File Schema Validation
  • Error Flagging for Review
  • Mandatory fields are enforced
  • Standard AX classes and error messages
  • Workbench to review errors, make edits and reprocess transactions
Prevailing Supply Chain Transactions
  • PO Outbound
  • Update Delivery Schedules on PO
  • Update Receipt Date on PO
  • Purchase Order Receipt -Post Packing Slip
  • Import Sales Forecast
  • Publish Backlog for Drop Shipments
  • Post Packing Slip and Create / Post Invoice (Optional)
  • OSP Vendor Starts a Lot/Production Order -Pick List Journal
  • Completing an Operation -Create Route Card Journal
  • Complete off of Production Order - Report as Finished Journal
  • Location to Location Move - Transfer Journal (Issue)
  • Location to Location Move -Transfer Journal (Receipt)
Supply Chain Portal Partner Web Portal to:
  • Publish Sales Backlog to Drop-Ship Partner
  • Generate Shipping Docs: Commercial Invoice & Packing Slip
  • Publish Approved Purchase Orders to Vendors
  • Allow Vendors to Enter Commitment Dates & Update DeliverySchedules




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