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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cybersecurity Assessment for Law Firms

Comprehensive cybersecurity assessments to safeguard your firm

Armanino’s Cybersecurity Assessment Services help you combat the growing threat of cyberattack and safeguard your reputation, digital assets and client data.

Our cybersecurity experts provide a holistic review of your current environment, including your people, processes and technology. We evaluate your ecosystem, identify gaps versus your cybersecurity goals and objectives and help you develop a comprehensive and cost-effective cybersecurity plan that isn’t just about an expensive technology solution.

Your Challenges

Cybersecurity breaches don’t only affect large corporations. Hackers are increasingly targeting law firms, because they typically have more vulnerable systems and few or no proactive cybersecurity processes in place, making them easy prey. Our years of experience in advising law firms throughout the United States has proven that the majority of small and mid-size firms do not have adequate data backup and protection to safeguard sensitive client data.

Faced with unknown threats, disparate systems and a weak security infrastructure, many law firms don’t know how to identify their risks and create an information security program. This puts their clients at risk and leaves firms completely unprepared if breaches occur, which can do irreparable damage to their reputation. Our goal is to help you protect that reputation.

Process and Value

Our holistic assessments map your current state and help you define your cybersecurity goals. We focus on continuous improvement, not single-use checklists, to deliver value immediately and for the long-term health of your organization and your mission. With a proven methodology, our team helps you identify technical, organizational and administrative control deficiencies and strengthen your security processes. Depending on your needs, our review may include:

  • Information risk management
  • Threat and vulnerability assessment
  • Security assessments, including NIST, ISO 27k, PCI readiness and COBIT
  • Network security
  • Operational security
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Employee awareness training
  • Incident response planning

Assessment Types

Health Check: We review your technology environment against a framework (ISO, NIST) at a high level, to give you an understanding of your cyber-related risk exposure.

QuickStart: We perform a Health Check to assess your vulnerabilities, then we prioritize your risks and provide your firm leadership and operations teams with a step-by-step roadmap for implementing an information security program that achieves your cybersecurity goals.

Comprehensive: The Comprehensive Assessment includes everything the QuickStart Assessment offers and goes a step further. We map your IT environment to the appropriate framework (ISO, NIST) and help you implement your information security program, including controls for asset management, operations, access management and business continuity planning.

Upon completion of your assessment, we can work with you to help you manage your cybersecurity program on an ongoing basis.




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