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Monday, June 27, 2016

Business Consulting for Law Firms


There was a time when demand for legal services was so robust that a common business strategy was simply “do good work.” Now, however, the industry faces disruptive challenges, such as the growth of non-traditional providers, severe price pressures and changing cultures.

Increasingly, firms must address key issues like declining profitability and partner compensation, and create long-term business strategies based on more than just good work.

Law firms' challenges around strategic planning, financial performance and optimizing operations for growth aren't like most other businesses. In today's tough environment, you need an advisor who truly understands your world. Armanino's Law Firm Group has worked with hundreds of firms over the past 30 years and we use this deep expertise to help you solve your critical business issues and set a long-term strategy for success.

Navigating the Future

Armanino specializes in providing strategic consulting, tax and accounting services to the legal industry. We work exclusively with law firms and are the only firm on the West Coast with a practice dedicated to the industry. We also produce an annual benchmarking survey that analyzes compensation and billing trends at more than 200 California law firms.

Our consulting services cover a complete range of issues: Governance and organization - Our experts can help you make the right decisions to protect your firm's long-term viability.

  • Senior partner and rainmaker succession planning
  • Leadership dashboards
  • Compensation strategies
  • Leadership coaching for managing partners

Strategy and direction - We can provide an objective analysis of your situation and help you create a detailed strategy for success.

  • Firm and practice strategic planning
  • Partner retreat facilitation
  • Pricing/alternative fee arrangement analysis and planning

Performance and operations- Our specialists can identify areas for improvement and help your firm operate more efficiently.

  • Pricing models
  • Process and billing improvement
  • Benchmarking analytics
  • Organizational restructuring

Mergers and acquisitions - We can help you determine a fair transaction price and work with you after signing to ensure a successful integration.

  • Due diligence analysis and readiness
  • Post-merger integration support




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