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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

BlackLine SaaS Solution

As your business expands and evolves, investing in a technology is a valuable way to prepare for the future growth

Armanino can help you simplify your close process and save you time with reconciliations by leveraging BlackLine, a modern finance software tool.

What is BlackLine?

Trusted by over 170,000 finance professionals and 1,800 companies worldwide, BlackLine offers a SaaS based solution that works alongside your accounting system(s) to automate manual tasks and eliminate labor-intensive processes.

Armanino is a trusted BlackLine Partner and one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics 365, Intacct and Adaptive Insights Partners in the nation.

We specialize in providing strategic advice, assessments, implementation and integrations to rapidly growing mid-sized businesses and global enterprises. The planning and product advice we give is drawn from our hands-on experience implementing, operating, outsourcing and auditing the same solutions we recommend.

Value & Process

BlackLine accelerates the financial close by standardizing and automating accounting processes, while ensuring auditability and accuracy. As a BlackLine Partner, we work alongside you to evaluate systems and processes, then provide guidance on how Blackline can streamline your close processes.

Additionally, BlackLine enables companies to move beyond traditional period-end accounting and the legacy record-to-report process with Continuous Accounting. With this approach, end-of-the-period tasks are executed as early as possible, embedding them within workflows and day-to-day activities, and shaving days off the close process.

BlackLine offers the following functionality:

  • Account reconciliations
  • Task management
  • Transaction matching
  • Journals
  • Variance analysis
  • Consolidation Integrity Manager
  • Blackline Intercompany Hub

The Armanino Advantage

Armanino’s Strategy & Transformation team helps finance and operations teams minimize time spent on lowvalue processes and increase time spent on strategic decision-making and growth activities. We enable business leaders to accurately evaluate the full spectrum of business processes, applications and your organization with a holistic lens. Let us demonstrate the value BlackLine can bring to your business by streamlining your accounting close process.




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