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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Return-to-Work Solutions

Employers face a multitude of business decisions about when, and if, to open a workplace. Armanino’s suite of People Policies, Operations Support, Tax and Business Planning strategies can be customized for every organization.


The decision on when to open workplaces needs to be data-driven and supported by sound policies that follow local guidelines. Armanino’s technology solutions support Employers with tools to mitigate risk.

COVID-19 Recovery Tracker

Return to work app screenshot 3
Return to work app screenshot 4
Armanino COVID-19 Return to Work App

  • Recovery Tracker Helps Businesses Adjust Response by Locality
    • Foot traffic trends by business sector
    • Transportation metrics per county
    • State Governor latest bulletin
    • Latest compliance update by industry
  • Mobile App allows businesses to:
    • Open doors
    • Limit exposure
    • Easily adopt and implement new policies


Tracking employee wellness inspires confidence in your workplace while it ensures customer safety.

Return to work app screenshot 1
Return to work app screenshot 5
Return to work app screenshot 2

Armanino COVID-19 Return to Work App (Employee Health Check)


Use technology to implement safe workplace practices, including local social distancing standards, with ease

Workplace Scheduler Screenshot 2
Workspace Scheduler App

Contact our experts:

Jenn McCabe, Partner, Consulting

Theresa Brown, Partner, Consulting


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