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Row Format Codes to Create Lines and Boxes on FRx Reports

July 10, 2009

When you are building an FRx report, don't forget that often the layout/presentation of the report can be very effective in making the report easier to read/understand. One of the layout features you might want to consider is the LNE format code. This feature is helpful for separating sections of a report. If you put this format code on a row in your row format, a thin line will be printed across the page. In addition to a thin line, you have other options if you add text in the Description field on the LNE row as follows:
TYPE=2 will print a bold line across the page
TYPE=3 will print a dotted line across the page
TYPE=4 will print two lines across the page, the top one thick and bottom one thin
TYPE=5 will print two lines across the page, the top one thin and bottom one thick

You can also place a box around a row or rows by using the BXB (box begin) and BXC (box complete) format codes. For example, if you wanted to put a box around the Net Income amount, you would put BXB in the format code of the row above the Net Income row and put BXC in the format code of the line below the net income row. If you don't want the box to be around all the columns, enter the desired columns in Column G. If you want the box to be drawn in something other than a thin line, use one of the TYPE= descriptions noted above on the BXB and BXC rows. In this example, a box with a bold outline will be around columns B and C on the Net Income row.

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