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Provider Relief Fund Reporting Grace Period Ends November 30

by Ron Present
November 15, 2021

Providers that did not meet the September 30, 2021, deadline for the first Provider Relief Fund (PRF) reporting period have until November 30, 2021, to complete reporting requirements. The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has granted this grace period to providers who received PRF payments between April 10 and June 30, 2020 (Period 1).

What You Need to Do

Providers who have not already reported need to act now to meet the November 30 deadline and avoid the enforcement and recoupment efforts that HRSA has promised for non-compliance. To meet the approaching deadline, take the following steps:

  • Step 1: Register in the PRF reporting portal. Any provider who received over $10,000 in Period 1 needs to register. Registration takes about 20 minutes to complete and must be finished in one session.
  • Step 2: Review the reporting requirements. HRSA has provided guidance on the allowable uses of the PRF, including defining “expenses and lost revenues attributable to coronavirus.”
  • Step 3: Complete and submit the report. Depending on the complexity of the provider, this may take a couple of hours to complete. This reporting does not have to be completed in a single session — providers can save their entries and finish in a later session, if necessary. We recommend downloading and completing the HRSA PRF Reporting Portal - Data Entry Workbook (Excel file download) before submitting to the portal. The person submitting the report must be “a bona-fide legal representative of the entities represented herein and that all of the information you are submitting to a Federal Government System, under penalty and perjury of law, is true, correct, and accurate.”

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