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Project Accounting - Miscellaneous Logs

February 04, 2009

Miscellaneous Logs is one of the defined transaction types in Dynamics GP -Project Accounting. When I discuss or demonstrate Misc. Logs with prospects and clients, they usually look at me in a way that indicates there is no way they would ever use that functionality. However we have clients who have used this transaction type extensively and effectively.

An example is a client that performs engineering inspections for large residential home builders. They perform inspections for roofs, foundations, windows, etc, for every home in new large housing developments. They charge their clients for each type of inspection on each new home, so there is a lot of data.

Before GP, they were collecting data in Timeslips, and manually entering into QuickBooks.

This is how they used Project Accounting:

  • New projects were set up in Project Accounting so that each inspection type, on each new house was represented by a unique Cost Category. This process was automated using eConnect.
  • Each Cost Category had a Miscellaneous Log budget that represented the inspection type, the quantity of inspections (usually 1), and the price, e.g. $115. The advantage of this was that they had significant detail to indicate to their clients exactly what the clients were being billed for.
  • On a daily basis newly performed inspections were being imported from a field time gathering system using eConnect, and individual Miscellaneous Log transactions were being created for the specific Cost Categories.
  • On a periodic basis the client would run the Cycle Billing routine to create invoices for all the inspections that had been performed.

Because the Cost Category budgets were set up for each inspection type and house, the home builders were not being billed twice for the same work, and our client now knew exactly what was not being billed. As it turned out; after using GP for several months, our client realized that they had previously been under-billing their clients by a lot. And because the whole process was automated, the effort involved in billing, decreased.

This is an example of how one client used Miscellaneous Logs to solve their business issues, and we have others who have used the Project Accounting transaction types in amazing ways.

In the case cited, eConnect was crucial to automate the project set up and transaction creation process. Otherwise the sheer volume of work would have killed the project. Because of the automation, the GP users at this client hardly interact with Project Accounting at all, for transactions and setup.

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