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Preventing Removal of Addresses in AX2012

by Jeffrey Russell
March 22, 2013

In Light of Global Address Sharing Between Employee Addresses and Other System Records.

As many are aware, AX 2012 enables clients to setup and configure global address books to organize and maintain addresses and commonality across entities, organizations, and various elements such as customers, vendors, employees.

Without leveraging separation of global address books between employees from the other various elements in AX, clients are open to the risk that employee address maintenance can disrupt other critical business records. The most common example of this is the use of the addresses on the employee record to tie the employee to a specific company address. If employees relocate over time, a client may want to remove the former address from the employee record.

The problem occurs when that address is the same address as tied to the company record in AX and both records are leveraging the same global address book [See Global Address Book Management in the Dynamics AX User Guide to consider alternative Global Address Book setup]. The removal of the address record from the employee will prompt the user if they indeed wish to delete the address as it is also associated to other records in the system. Clicking "yes" will remove the company address from the company address setup—a result that can have other damaging impacts to forms and documents generated in Dynamics AX.

Because most clients will not wish to maintain separate address books, the aforementioned risk is likely to be present in your AX implementation. To combat this, the security setup deployed in your environment should consider prohibiting use of the "Removal" menu item for employee addresses.

For information purposes only, the menu item is HcmWorkerDirPartyPostalAddressDelete.

Removal 1

To identify the security for this menu item, the security admin can go to the AOT > Menu item > Action. Right-click on HcmWorkerDirPartyPostalAddressDelete > Add-ins > Security tools > View related security roles.

Removal 2

The duty to be altered is HcmWorkerMaintain (Maintain worker master), used by HCMHumanResourceAssistant and Hcmrecruiter.

Removal 3

In order to actually edit the security privilege, the security admin should go to System administration > setup > security > security privilege. Under the process cycle for "Human capital management cycle," select the "Maintain worker master" privilege. In the permissions grid, select "HcmWorkerDirPartyPostalAddressDelete." Click "Modify access level" and set to "No Access."

Removal 4

To reiterate, there are other alternatives in how you can setup and configure the Global Address Book in order to avoid the common pitfall associated with employee address removal also removing company and other record addresses from the system. However, the solution presented here does provide a viable option to mitigate this risk. Additional considerations should be evaluated in assessing the use of security to restrict address removal in this manner.

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